Strategic Upgrading of Tianmao Supermarket: Realizing 20 km Half-day Service in 100 Cities

 Strategic Upgrading of Tianmao Supermarket: Realizing 20 km Half-day Service in 100 Cities

According to Tianmao Supermarket, the sales of Tianmao Supermarket increased 53 times in the six years from 2013 to now. Li Yonghe pointed out that this is due to the continuous introduction of differentiated goods to meet the growing demand for segmentation and diversification of consumers while guaranteeing the abundance and price stability of commodities. It is reported that the frequency of high-frequency users of Tianmao Supermarket is twice as high as that of non-Tianmao Supermarket users in Taoxi.

In April this year, the original fresh business of Tianmao Supermarket was upgraded to up to 1 hour. Through large data to lock in high-density areas of consumer demand, Tianmao Supermarket began to establish a near-end compliance center with its online and offline joint ecological partners. Consumers within 5 kilometers of Tianmao Supermarkets near-end performance center can enjoy one hour home service of fresh commodities.

But thats not enough. Li Yonghe pointed out that the service capacity of the near-end performance center is far beyond 5 kilometers. In September this year, Tianmao Supermarket has successfully expanded its service radius to 20 kilometers in the near-end performance center of Suzhou, running the half-day home mode. When consumers are within 5 to 20 kilometers of the near-end performance center, open Taobao or Tianmao APP and enter Tianmao Supermarket, they can enjoy the service of delivering fresh and daily goods three times a day. From placing the order to receiving the goods, the whole process does not exceed half a day. (Peng Lihui)

Source: Liable Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279