Cant the iPhone 6S/6SPlus boot? Apple issues a recall plan

 Cant the iPhone 6S/6SPlus boot? Apple issues a recall plan

However, this problem can only occur if the production date is between October 2018 and August 2019, and the serial number is within a certain range. Users can go to to check whether it meets the requirements of free maintenance by serial number. The validity period of the plan is two years from the date of the first retail sale of the equipment. That is to say, it may expire in 2021.

The iPhone 6S series was first launched in September 2015, but it officially went off the shelf in September 2018 after the launch of the iPhone last year. However, Apple continues to produce a number of iPhone 6S models for sale in specific markets, including India.

According to official information on Apples website, this is the sixth fix Apple has released this year. Earlier this year, it launched maintenance or recall plans for old 15-inch MacBook Pro batteries, some wall adapters, 13-inch MacBook Pro display backlights, MacBook keyboards, and screens in Apple WatchSeries 2 and Series 3.

The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus were launched in 2015. Its hard to say they are new. But Apple has been making the phone. But embarrassingly, the newer the product, the worse. If you buy an iPhone 6S later, and you just buy a cell phone from October 2018 to August 2019, you may suddenly lose power and be unable to turn it on. Its too crumbling.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Pacific Computer Network: Qiao Junjie_NBJ11279