118 yuan 4 pieces! Golden Ham Launches the First Artificial Meat Pie in China

 118 yuan 4 pieces! Golden Ham Launches the First Artificial Meat Pie in China

Artificial meat and vegetable meatloaf

At present, the product has been pre-sold in the flagship store of the Golden Ham Tianmao, and will be shipped in late October. According to the product introduction, it is made of non-genetically modified soybean and other plant proteins. It has beef texture and taste. It contains 11.7g protein per 100g. It is mainly for fitness, vegetarians and health preservers. The method of eating is thawing and frying. Up to the date of publication, the sales volume of this product was 91 pieces and the stock was 896 pieces.

On October 10, the companys vegetable meat products have been prepared for a long time, product standards have been filed, production licenses have been examined and production has begun, according to the Shanghai E Interactive Platform. This product is manufactured by the technical cooperation between the Golden Ham and DuPont Company of the United States.

In May, Beyond Meat, an American man-made meat company, went public in Nasdaq, USA. On its first day, Beyond Meat surged 163%, creating the best performance of the first day of American companys IPO since the 21st century. At the same time, it led to the surge of the concept stocks of man-made meat in the A-share market in mid-May. Since then, a number of A-share listed companies have indicated that they will enter the artificial meat field, most of which use vegetable protein meat technology.

Peng Mei news reporter noted that on September 4, Yantai Shuangta Food Co., Ltd. announced that it had developed the first vegetable mooncake in China, which was made from pea protein. On September 6, ZhenMei (Beijing) Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd. put on the shelf of Taobao platform as the first domestic artificial vegetable meat of precious meat moon cakes. The product is made of soybean protein and sold for 88 yuan. It has 3000 copies on the market and sold out within 6 days.

In addition, Patrick Brown, founder and CEO of Impossible Foods, an American man-made meat company, said last month that efforts would be made to develop the domestic market in the coming year, hoping to grow, produce and sell plant-based man-made meat products in China with potential partners.

By the time of publication, the price of Ham Pyramid was 5.62 yuan per share, up 9.88%.