Dayson cant do anything with 22 billion dollars! A huge loss of 40 billion yuan to panic?

 Dayson cant do anything with 22 billion dollars! A huge loss of 40 billion yuan to panic?

Recently, even James Dyson, the richest man in Britain and founder of Dyson, suddenly renounced building electric cars. The reason is very direct, that is, the electric cars they want to build do not make money or have no commercial value.

Earlier, Dyson had planned to invest 22 billion yuan in electric vehicles.

The richest man in Britain behind Dayson, who has more than 120 billion yuan in personal wealth alone, is also a leader in the global technology field. He gave up car-making and let the new power of electric car-making in the world cool half.

In China thousands of kilometers away, the new force of car-making is experiencing the biggest winter in history: the first Yulai automobile has lost 40 billion yuan in four years (after deducting equity incentives, the actual loss is more than 22 billion), and a large number of other new forces of electric car-making, such as Baiteng, Xiaopeng and Weima automobile, are also experiencing serious problems.

Recently, some exhibitions of new energy automobiles have even been delayed due to industry and other reasons.

Britains richest man gave up building electric cars

Because it doesnt make money.

On October 10, British time, Dayson announced that he had decided to give up building electric cars.

Since no suitable buyer has been found, Dayson decided to cut down the electric vehicle project, close research and development institutions in Britain and Singapore, and devote research and development resources to already familiar areas such as solid-state batteries, induction technology, vision systems, robots, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

As for the abandonment of the project, Dyson said in an email: our battery research will definitely bring profound benefits to Dyson. Innovation is never an easy thing, and the road to success is not linear. This will not be the first change in direction for Dayson, nor will it be the last one.

Despite abandoning the project, Dayson still attaches great importance to the project engineer. In his open letter, Dayson said that he hopes to find some new directions for some employees in the company. Of course, if someone does not want to stay in the company, the company will fairly give them the respect they deserve.

Now, although there are still links to electric vehicles on Dyson Chinas official website, the specific pages no longer exist.

In this regard, many netizens expressed their approval: this is a timely stop. Even said that if Jia Yuetang gave up that year, Lexin would not be like this now!

The chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile, a new domestic car maker, said that the road was very difficult and he admired Mr. James Dysons decision very much.

But I cant play with electric cars.

As we all know, Dyson, who sells hair dryers, curling rods, vacuum cleaners and other products very well, is not bad at all.

Dayson has always been known for its technology control, its persistence in technological innovation and its great emphasis on engineers. Every product of Dayson company repeats the same sentence: Theres no opointindoning one that looks like everybody elses. According to the data, Dayson had nearly 16,000 employees in 2019, of whom more than 6,000 engineers, almost half of the total.

Wealthy or technically-controlled Dayson, who had previously put real guns into car building.

As early as 2015, there were rumors that Dyson planned to build electric cars. In 2017, Dyson officially confirmed the rumors and announced that its electric cars would be available in 2020.

At that time, Dayson advertised that he would have a 523-person team for electric cars, and recruited Ian Minards, former chief designer of Aston Martin, and Ian Roberson, former BMW executive, as the director of Daysons electric car project, as well as a large number of engineers from Tesla and Jaguar Land Rover, plus Daysons original team of engineers. In April, Roland Kruger, former global president of Infiniti, was also dug up by Dayson as head of the automotive project.

In addition to spending a lot of effort on attracting people, Dayson has spent a lot of money on electric cars in the past two years. In 2017, it was announced that it would invest 2.5 billion pounds (about 22 billion yuan) in R&D centers and test sites next to its headquarters. Now it is reported that this budget has spent more than half of the total, that is, more than 10 billion yuan RMB. In addition to 16 million pounds in battery research from the British government in 2016, Dyson spent most of the money on electric cars.

In the middle of this year, Dayson released several patent drawings related to electric vehicles, revealing his car-making concept. Among them, in the core battery and motor technology of electric vehicles, Dyson said that it would use solid-state batteries to cooperate with Dyson motor.

The announcement of Daysons withdrawal from the electric vehicle industry has undoubtedly thrown a cold water on the new domestic power of electric vehicle manufacturing: even the money-poor and technically-controlled Dayson feels that the electric vehicle is not enough to make money. Can the new Chinese power of automobile manufacturing really insist on making cars?

Recently, a screenshot circulated on the Internet. The screenshot said that the Shanghai New Energy Automation Technology Exhibition, originally scheduled to be held in Shanghai New International from October 30 to November 1, 2019, has changed some automotive companiesplans due to the bad industry. In order to ensure the effect of the exhibition, it will be postponed to August 7 to 9, 2020 to continue to be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Some netizens said that the delay was due to the fact that a considerable number of the more than 60 enterprises that had been expected to participate in the exhibition had gone bankrupt, and some enterprises were no longer planning to participate because of the exhibition fee.

Although the organizers clarified that the date of the above-mentioned exhibition was indeed changed to August 7-9, 2020, the reason for the delay was not the closure of the exhibition vehicle companies of Webcast, but the expansion of the scale of the exhibition. However, the current situation of the new automobile-making forces still attracts peoples attention.

In March this year, Zhang Wei, chairman of Foundation Stone Capital of Dacai, a local venture capitalist, sang short of the new auto-making forces, including Weilai.

Zhang Wei said that as the leader of the new Chinese auto-making forces, Weilai automobile can only be evaluated by failing in its answers, while new Chinese auto-making forces are far more than the listed Weilai automobile, Weima automobile and Xiaopeng automobile in the front echelon. The number of new Chinese auto-making enterprises has already exceeded 100, and most of them, It will be a year of life and death in 2019. New energy vehicles and intelligent driving are undoubtedly the undisputed directions in the automotive field. However, there is no new energy automotive enterprise worth investing in China.

Ideal automobile founder Li Wangzhi said that the financing window of new energy automobile enterprises is less than a year, a large number of enterprises will be eliminated in a year, and 90% of investors will lose their money.

Among them, Weilai Automobile, once the first new force in Chinas automobile industry, has repeatedly been searched for negative factors, such as huge losses, spontaneous combustion, layoffs, etc. After burning 22 billion yuan for four years, the problems are more and more exposed, and the stock price is constantly innovating low. The market has repeatedly questioned: Is there a future for Weilai?

On August 22, Li Bin, founder of Weilai, issued an internal letter acknowledging that due to major changes in the industry and company situation, Weilai will lay off another 1200 employees in September to further control expenditure and improve operational efficiency.

At the end of September, Weilai Auto issued its second quarterly report, with a huge loss of 3.3 billion yuan exceeding expectations, an increase of 25.2% over the previous year and an increase of 83.1% over the previous year. Losses exceeded market expectations and Weilai cancelled the original earnings teleconference. Wei Lais share price plummeted more than 20% to close at $2.17 on the same day.

From the stock price peak in March to October, in just seven months, the market value plunged nearly 10 billion US dollars (about 70 billion RMB), and the stock price dropped from 1.064 yuan to the latest 153 yuan.

It is reported that in three and a half years, Weilais cumulative loss will reach 5.7 billion US dollars (about 40 billion RMB), far exceeding Teslas total loss of 5 billion US dollars in 15 years.

In addition to Weilai automobile, since this year, other large-scale new automobile manufacturers have also encountered great difficulties, which can be described as crisis-ridden!

Xiaopeng automobile was defended rights and other incidents, Weima automobile was claimed 2.1 billion yuan, Baiteng automobile burst out overdue payment and other negative frequent, Daysons sudden withdrawal, but also from the psychological to the domestic car-making new forces a great blow.

Source: Liu Song_NBJ9949, Responsible Editor of China Foundation Newspaper