The members of Jilin Science Examination Team are searching for the falling meteorite. They advise the citizens not to look blindly for it.

 The members of Jilin Science Examination Team are searching for the falling meteorite. They advise the citizens not to look blindly for it.

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Jilin Falling Meteorite (Source: Netease Video)

According to Voice of China, the news that a meteorite might fall near Songyuan, Jilin Province, blew up the circle of friends in the early morning of November 11. This video clip shows that the so-called meteorite produced a huge fire when it fell, once illuminating the sky.

The news of each meteorite fall not only touches the heartstrings of astronomers and collectors, but also attracts the interest of the general public. Back in history, in 1976, meteorites landed in Jilin City, Jilin Province. At that time, there was also the largest meteorite rain in the world. Up to now, Jilin Museum also collects the largest meteorite in the world. So, is this fire, as the netizens said, a meteorite fall? What progress has been made in the investigation of scientific examiners?

Jilin Museum of Jilin Province has sent scientific researchers to search for meteorites

Yesterday morning, some netizens posted a video clip on the Internet after splicing. The video showed that suspected meteorite objects cut through the night sky, and the fire generated when falling once illuminated the sky. From the point of view of video shooting, some are taken from the streets of the city, some from the high-speed car, and some are intercepted from part of the surveillance video. The total length of the video was 48 seconds, and the shooting time was about 0.16 yesterday. The text distributed in the video mentions that a meteorite fell near Songyuan City, Northeast Jilin Province, in the early morning of October 11. Netizens from Shenyang, Songyuan, Jilin, Harbin, Heilongjiang and other places have witnessed the fire generated when the meteorite fell, and the specific situation is being further verified.

As for whether the meteorite falls or not, we are concerned about it. Jilin Museum of Jilin Province, the only museum in China with meteorite rain exhibition as its theme, dispatched a scientific research team composed of five people on the same day. According to researchers, it is only by finding the actual object that we can determine whether it is a meteorite, but it is highly likely that it is a meteorite falling.

Sun Zhishen, director of Jilin Museum Industry Development Department, agrees with some viewpoints of the industry on how to quickly discover and lock the scope of meteorites. At present, satellite monitoring is a more accurate way to discover meteorites. In addition, according to the location provided by witnesses, three different angles of witnesses can roughly determine the location of meteorites falling. Sun Zhishen believed that the falling area might be within 200 kilometers of Qianan County in Jilin Province and Zhaoyuan County in Heilongjiang Province: Star friends heard rumbling sounds in Qianan County, and meteorites should pass over his village. The staff will mark each point on the map. Tomorrow we are going to look for our predicted meteorite belt.

Expert: This meteorite may belong to fireball.

When the earth collides with meteoroid matter in the comet orbit, it produces a large number of meteors, which fall to the ground like rain, forming a beautiful meteor shower. In the process of penetrating into the atmosphere, these small objects burn, glow, even explode and exothermic because of the intense friction with the atmosphere. If a small amount of burnt debris falls to the surface, its meteorites. Fan Bo introduced that meteorites can be divided into these categories according to their structural characteristics: According to the different chemical composition of meteorites, they can be divided into iron meteorites, meteorites and iron meteorites. The meteorite rain that we fell in 1976 belongs to the meteorite, and the most common meteorite is this kind of meteorite.

Cui Shiju, an astronomy teacher at Northeast Normal University, said that the light people saw in the early morning of November 11 was probably a fireball: It is estimated that the fireball did not burn out, so it became a meteorite. The color is basically yellow-green. Sulfide, phosphide, burned out color is likely to contain sulfur, phosphorus and other components, so yellow-green more. The last glitter is that it sometimes causes explosions and even the sound of thunderclapping can be heard. Because the temperature is very high, it may break up the meteor. A period of time when the meteor shower in the constellation Dragon began on October 8, probably a fireball near the constellation Dragon.

Li Zhenjun, a science expert at the Changchun Satellite Observatory of the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the meteor was sporadic and belonged to a fireball, not a meteor shower or a single meteor. The reason for the brightness is that the meteorite rubs against the atmosphere to produce a fire. Of course, there are also dull meteors that do not reach temperature after friction with the atmosphere. In addition, people can clearly see the shining meteors, also related to the weather, clouds and dense. When a fireball disappears, it sometimes leaves a long cloud-like band, known as a meteor trail, which can last from seconds to minutes, or even tens of minutes.

It is suggested that citizens should not blindly search for meteorites.

Sun Zhishen, director of Jilin Museum Industry Development Department, said that after studying various elements in meteorites, scientists calculated the age of meteorites, and then studied the original information of celestial bodies in outer space. This is of great scientific value for mankind to go out of the earth and into space: We will carry out preliminary detection and research, and more detailed research reports will be sent to the relevant departments of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Zijinshan Observatory has done in-depth research to see what types and contents of meteorites are. Whats different or the same as before? Judge which planet is coming, because what will fall on the earth. There will be a lot of scientific research work in the future, which is worth looking forward to and paying attention to.

Back to history, in 1976, meteorites landed in Jilin City, Jilin Province. At that time, Jilin City also experienced the largest meteorite rain in the world. The largest meteorite weighed 1770 kg, which is the largest single meteorite known to mankind. The meteorite impacted the ground, causing mushroom clouds of smoke and dust, and smashed through the permafrost to form a 6.5-meter deep, 2-meter diameter crater. Collected in Jilin Museum. Fan Bo, the first-level lecturer of the museum, said: At 3 p.m., the Jilin meteorite galloped from northeast to southwest, and then a small light belt was trailing behind it. Scratch across the sky. At that time, many students and farmers witnessed such scenes. There is no injury to one person, one place or even one object within 500 kilometers.

Previously, meteorite falls occurred in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province. In recent years, the news of finding meteorites has been spreading continuously, and some people even sell meteorites online. This rare meteorite has become a new favorite in some peoples collections. To this end, Sun Zhishen suggested: We still know more about meteorites. We hope that after the local people or their friends or collectors have collected the meteorite, they will donate it to the scientific research department or the museum. It will be better to do some exhibition and research, so that more people can enrich their knowledge of meteorites so that they can see it.

As the meteorite fall is accidental, the authenticity, volume and radioactivity of the meteorite need to be further identified and judged. Experts advise astronomers and citizens not to blindly look for, if found, should contact the relevant departments in a timely manner.

The meteorite fell early in the morning. Many netizens in Jilin witnessed the meteorite fall and sparked fire.

Around 0.16 a.m. today, a meteorite may fall near Songyuan City, Northeast Jilin Province. Netizens from Shenyang, Changchun, Songyuan, Harbin and other Heilongjiang provinces and Jilin provinces witnessed the fire when the meteorite fell.