World Cultural Heritage Ming Xiaoling Shenli Mountain Stele was Intervened by Illegal Red Description Police

 World Cultural Heritage Ming Xiaoling Shenli Mountain Stele was Intervened by Illegal Red Description Police

Modern Express News On the afternoon of October 11, the marvelous monument in Xiamafang Site Park in Nanjing was illegally depicted red. On the tablet, the original smoky-gray word mountain was depicted in red. Modern Express reporters learned that the martyr monument is part of the world cultural heritage Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, which is illegally portrayed as a serious violation of Chinas Cultural Relics Law. At present, the police have intervened in the investigation and the identity of the persons involved has been identified. Cultural protection experts told the modern Express that the red part can be cleaned and not harmful to the cultural relic itself.

According to the injury situation of cultural relics, corresponding treatment will be given.

Scene: The word mountain on the marvelous monument is illegally depicted as red.

At 5:30 p.m. on October 11, a reporter from the Modern Express arrived at Xiamafang Site Park. The marvelous monument can be seen not far from the entrance. On the stele facing Zhongshan Gate Street, there are three words of Shenli Mountain, which have become vague with the passage of time. However, when the reporter arrived, he found that the original vague word mountain was depicted as a whole with red liquids, showing bright red, and there were dripping red liquids under the words.

Just as the reporter arrived, several staff members of the Zhongshan Cemetery Administration were using plastic sheets to enclose the stone tablets on the side of the street. A staff member said, When we came in at 3 p.m., the paint was still wet, and now its dry. The barrels and pens left at the scene were taken away by the police.

The staff are enclosing

Value: The monument is part of the world cultural heritage

It is understood that the Shenli Mountain Stele is located in the east of Xiamafang, Jiajing Decade (1531) was erected for Zhongshan Shenli Mountain. Later, the monument was destroyed, and in the fourteenth year of Chongzhen (1641), the martyr monument was restored. The stone body and cap are chiseled into a whole stone with a height of 4.00 meters, a width of 1.49 meters, a thickness of 0.70 meters, a width of 1.46 meters and a thickness of 0.67 meters.

Modern Express reporter learned from Zhongshan Cemetery Administration that at about 3:30 p.m. on October 11, the relevant departments of Zhongshan Cemetery Administration found that the word mountain of the martyr monument was depicted red during their daily inspection, and they immediately called the police. Police officers from Xiamafang Police Station and personnel from the cultural relics and security departments of Zhongshan Cemetery Administration immediately arrived at the scene.

Zhang Pengdou, Director of Cultural Relics Department of Zhongshan Cemetery Administration, said that the Ming Xiaoling Tomb is the only world cultural heritage in the ancient capital of Nanjing at present. Xiamafang Site Park is the foresight guide area of the Ming Xiaoling Tomb. The marvelous monuments in the park are also part of the world cultural heritage, and the value of cultural relics is very high.

The person in charge of Nanjing Culture and Tourism Bureau said, After getting the news, we rushed to the scene as soon as possible to carry out the investigation. The official told Modern Express that they also invited the experts of stone inscriptions to the scene at the first time and worked out the protection plan.

Can the red mountain be cleaned? The person in charge said that after seeing the scene, the stone carving expert said that the red part could be cleaned and would not cause damage to the cultural relic itself.

Zhang Pengdou introduced, Stone engraving experts say that if the stain is treated when it is wet, it will infiltrate into the interior. After the stain solidifies, it will be better handled, and it will not affect the cultural relic itself. He said that when the police completed the relevant procedures, experts will immediately carry out professional stain cleaning work.

Zhang Pengdou also said that the protection of stone carvings is a world-class problem, and there is no unified standard at present. Some netizens put forward to use glass circle, but this may cause airtight, long time is prone to natural peeling phenomenon. Therefore, we are mainly based on the status quo to protect, as far as possible not to destroy the status quo of stone carvings. Next step, we will continue to strengthen the inspection of cultural relics and protect the safety of cultural relics.

Police: The matter is under investigation.

Cultural relics are authentic. The Law on Cultural Relics stipulates that the use of immovable cultural relics without approval must abide by the principle of not changing the original state of cultural relics and be responsible for protecting the safety of buildings and their subsidiary cultural relics.

In 2014, the stone carvings of the tombs of Guobao Xiao Jing and Xiao Xuan in Nanjing were illegally rubbinged. After the investigation, the police imposed a 7-day detention fine of 500 yuan on the pirates.

It is understood that the perpetrators have been locked. So how will the perpetrators be dealt with? Relevant person in charge of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism said that according to the later technical appraisal, corresponding treatment would be given. According to the Law on Cultural Relics, cultural relics are seriously damaged and should be dealt with in accordance with the criminal law; if the damage to cultural relics is minor, it is a general administrative penalty, such as a fine.

Modern Express reporters learned from Zhongshan Cemetery Administration that the police had taken photos and collected evidence on the spot, while calling for monitoring. The identity of the persons involved has also been identified by the police.

The staff of the cultural relics department of the scenic spot told the modern express that they would clean up the stains according to the standard procedure.

On the evening of October 11, the reporter of Modern Express learned from Xuanwu Branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau that the incident was under investigation.

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