After eight years of marriage, I didnt give a penny. Divorce requires my wife to make up millions of dollars. Wife: Im not married to help the poor.

 After eight years of marriage, I didnt give a penny. Divorce requires my wife to make up millions of dollars. Wife: Im not married to help the poor.

Li Fuzhen said he accepted the result and thanked the court for its decision, but Ren Youzai did not think so. His ideal price is to split half of Li Fuzhens family, that is, 120 billion won, into about 71 billion yuan. So after the second instance, Ren Youzais litigant agent expressed deep regret for the result of the judgment. He said that there are many differences between our position and there are some doubts about the judgment and that he would like to decide whether to appeal after receiving the judgment.

Such a news, really let us eat melon people angry, such a man who has nothing, why can be so blatant to ask his wife to compensate him. From the beginning of his marriage, he has not succeeded enough to fail. He takes Li Fuzhens hard-earned money to eat, drink and play. He often abuses Li Fuzhens family. When Li Fuzhen is exhausted and wants to stop losing, he jumps out and says that he has paid his youth.

To tell you the truth, I dont think this mans youth is worth so much. I just think he has a special thick face and is accustomed to living on women. Even divorce has to take another bite. Its so brazen that its amazing.


The word poverty-alleviating marriage has been frequently heard recently. Many people think that a woman marrying a man who has nothing is poverty alleviation, but it is not.

A man cant afford a car or a house. Hes not really poor. This material accumulation will always exist as long as he works hard. Im afraid hes still capable, but hes using it to figure out how to calculate you.

Before marriage, calculate lottery gifts, real estate certificates plus or without your name. After marriage, start calculating family expenses, and want to leave room for yourself. Such a man thinks you should pay anything, but he pays a little and you have to double the repayment.

Like Chen Ke in Beijing Womens Tujian, he married a Marlboro man. This man does not strive for progress, eating, drinking and playing with his friends every day. When it comes to changing houses, he calculates his wife with his parents.

I think its ridiculous that this man cant help with the repayment of the house, but at last he asks his wife to give everything for herself. The daughter-in-law is not a living Lei Feng and has no obligation to give everything to you for nothing.

But ah, this is the status quo of many women, who thought they could find dependence and happiness in marriage, but after marriage, they found that waiting for themselves is a sweet trap, trying to dedicate everything to this man, not appreciated and cherished, and may eventually lose both money and money.

In fact, I think of this because a reader, Miss Wang, contributed her manuscript. She said that she had recently filed a divorce lawsuit. After eight years of marriage, her husband did not take a penny for the family. She was totally irresponsible. Now, when she got divorced, she had to compensate him by herself for one million yuan, otherwise she would continue to spend it. She said that she was bruised in this poverty-alleviating marriage and hoped to tell all women through her story that endless efforts could not bring happiness.

Miss Wang is a very capable woman. After graduation from university, she did not go to find a job like her classmates. Instead, she started her own business upside down. Although she was very hard and tired, she also made some achievements with her own abilities. Now, she has a coffee shop and runs a bar in partnership with others. Her monthly income is very good.

Miss Wang and her husband met at a friends party. This mans restraint is totally different from Miss Wangs extroversion. But that attracts her and makes Miss Wang feel that he is very down-to-earth.

In this way, they got married and began their childhood. There is always a gap between reality and ideal. After getting married, Miss Wang found that her husband is a selfish person and his salary is not low. But after getting married, she never took a penny from home. She always said that she had spent it, or she had to save it.

Miss Wang is a person who doesnt care much about money. Besides, she is very profitable and doesnt care much about the economy. In this way, after eight years, their daughter is six years old.

If not for her husbands unemployment, maybe Miss Wang will continue to tolerate this, because she knows that any marriage is not perfect, anyone will have advantages and disadvantages, although her husband can not make much money, but at least her character is not bad.

But when her husband lost her job, Miss Wang found out that she was wrong. After eight years of marriage, she didnt know the man at all.


After her husbands company went wrong and he was laid off, Miss Wang was afraid of her husbands misery, so she comforted him and asked him to run a coffee shop with him. However, her husband scoffed at her suggestion and said she had plans.

Miss Wang felt that she probably worried too much and said nothing more. But from that day on, she found that her husband spent every day at home playing games, not eating, not washing his face, not sleeping, and her daughter couldnt look at him, spitting out grooves and saying, My father is not good at all.

But after several months, the husbands condition became worse and worse. He even talked about love on the Internet and painted many gifts for the anchors.

Such words hurt Miss Wangs heart and made her despair. From the beginning of love, everyone said that this man is not worthy of herself, but Miss Wangs heart has been firm, she feels that happiness is what only she knows, she is not afraid that this man has no money and no career for the time being, she believes that as long as we work together, there will be a good future.

However, to this day, she admits that she has lost the gamble. The man she chooses is not only incompetent, but also unsupported. In the face of difficulties, he will not try to find a way out, but complain.

Miss Wang does not want to let this man drag her life any more. She does not want her daughter to be surrounded by negative energy around such a father and be unhappy all the time.

So, she proposed divorce, thought it would be good to get together and disperse, but unexpectedly, there was a scene of dog blood.


When the husband got Miss Lis divorce agreement, he was not surprised at all. He just read it and said shamelessly, what mistake did I make? You dont give me your house, you dont give me money? Want a divorce, right? Okay, give me one million dollars to compensate for the spiritual loss. Were both clear. Otherwise, you dont want to divorce. Ill drag you to death.

Miss Wang couldnt believe her ears. This man lived with himself for eight years without spending any money on his family and children. She didnt want to compensate him for the love between husband and wife, but he had to pay a million dollars for himself. What kind of robber thinking is this?

But the husband just put on a Im not in a hurry face and threatened Miss Wang to think clearly for herself. Miss Wang is tired both physically and mentally. She never imagined that the pillow people who get along with each other day and night should be so ugly in front of their interests. She couldnt understand why she rushed into marriage with her old age and tried her best, but in the end she had nothing.

Miss Wang was calm when she told me about it, but I was sad to hear that a girl went into marriage with a solitary voice, without complaint or regret, and gave everything, but looked back only with chicken feathers. The sincerity of those years has not been cherished, no one can complain, only blame oneself for choosing the wrong person.

Next, Miss Wang will use legal means to protect her rights and interests. I hope she can do everything well and start a new life with her children.


In fact, this is the marriage that modern women yearn for. Many women around me, like Miss Wang, dont want to be with a man for money. Instead, they try to make money to give each other a good life. In fact, their requirements for marriage are very low, that is, they hope that the other party can give as much as they do.

But ah, they forgot that most men like to add flowers to the cake instead of sending charcoal in the snow. Their self-esteem is very strong. Besides money, they also need to worship. When you give him everything in the dilemma industry, he will not necessarily like it. But when you give him charcoal in the snow, he sneers at it.

Therefore, women want to be happy, really do not want to pay for a man everything, girls who want to do so often have no good results. You need to be rational enough to understand that marriage is not poverty alleviation, but support, that both people will pay for each other, to work hard, will accept, but also give.

Only in this way can you exchange your sincerity for true feelings, and only in this way can you hold on to property and love.

Of course, if youve chosen the wrong one, dont be afraid to stop losing in time. No one can define your life. What you want to live is up to you. If you leave the wrong one, you can meet the right one. If you leave him one second earlier, you will be happier one second more.