Young people destroyed by sexual openness should wake up

 Young people destroyed by sexual openness should wake up

Of course, this has been found, not a few.

Think about these years, the spring breeze of sexual openness has blown all over the Yangtze River and the South, and various social software has become a artillery artifact, from which many boys, girls, men and women feel the initial joy of mankind.

But while sex is open, sex education in China is almost blank.

More and more risky sex has resulted in serious consequences.

AIDS is a very harmful infectious disease caused by HIV infection, the alias acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

The incubation period (that is, the asymptomatic period) looks like nothing, but the virus will quietly destroy your immune system, and this stage is very infectious.

Asymptomatic period is less than 2 years and more than 20 years. If you dont have physical examination during this period, you probably dont know anything about the disease.

Where is it terrible?

At present, there is still a lack of effective drugs to eradicate AIDS worldwide. That is to say, AIDS once infected is currently incurable.

Existing drugs can only minimize viral load, maintain and rebuild immune function to the greatest extent, that is, to renew life.

But side effects are not small, taking or not taking medication is a difficult choice (there are not a few patients who deteriorate in the course of taking medication), long-term medication will also have a negative impact on various organs of the body.

Although it cant be cured, its probably possible to live. If you live, theres hope.

How does AIDS spread?

At present, there are three main ways of transmission of AIDS:

1. Sexual transmission

According to the data released by the State Health Planning Commission, sexual transmission is the main route of transmission of AIDS.

Among young students, 81.6% have been infected by gay men, and homosexual transmission has become the main way for young students to acquire AIDS.

Therefore, men and women who refuse to engage in risky sex, even if they have to or are forced to engage in risky sex, must go to the local CDC to get blocking drugs and take them as soon as possible (within 1-2 hours), more than 72 hours will be almost useless.

Because the person you have a relationship with is not necessarily an HIV-infected person.

2. Blood transmission

The situation of blood transmission is more complex. In addition to importing blood infected with HIV, sharing syringes with HIV-infected people and using medical instruments (scalpels, blood transfusion equipment, etc.) that have not been properly disinfected by AIDS-infected people are all likely to be infected with AIDS.

Speaking of this, the island mainly refutes rumors that mosquito bites do not spread AIDS.

3. Mother-to-child transmission

If a mother is infected with AIDS, her child may be infected during pregnancy, during childbirth or during breastfeeding.

But the mother is infected with AIDS, children will certainly be infected with AIDS? Not.

If mothers take anti-AIDS drugs for antiviral treatment during pregnancy, the risk of HIV infection in infants will be much lower, even completely healthy.

How to prevent AIDS?

1. Stable partner, safety relationship

In order to have a safe relationship, it is very important to find a stable and harmonious sexual partner. Of course, this stability is for both sides.

At the same time, it is also crucial to take adequate protective measures in sexual behavior and use condoms of qualified quality correctly.

For the items that cause blood exposure (tattoos, cosmetology, etc.), we must go to the formal, hygienic certificate institutions, because if the medical equipment for these items is not strictly disinfected, it is easy to cause HIV infection.

In addition, avoid unnecessary injection, transfusion and use of blood products; if necessary, use qualified blood or blood products tested by HIV, and use disposable or properly disinfected instruments.

Toothbrushes, razors and other daily necessities that easily lead to blood exposure should also be noted to avoid sharing as much as possible.

In addition, womens menstruation should also pay attention to hygiene oh~

4. Do not take drugs in any way, take drugs and stay away from drugs

Drug abuse itself is a very harmful behavior to oneself. Many people share syringes when taking drugs, which increases the risk of infection.

So anyway, stay away from drugs and cherish life.

Well, the island owner said so much to make you understand and attach importance to it.

But at the same time, the islanders also want to say that sexual openness does not mean sexual indulgence. The premise of an open sexual relationship is to guarantee the safety of oneself and others.

Open sex means that you have a clear understanding of sexual knowledge, which helps you keep a clear mind about men and women, rather than simply indulging yourself in hormones because of curiosity.

Sex itself is beautiful, it is not shameful, but it is not a tool for you to indulge and harm at will.


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May you and your loved ones be in good health