Chinese Beauty Photographer Wins the Gold Prize of International Competition! In order to shoot the stars, seven years without vacation: because of love, so

 Chinese Beauty Photographer Wins the Gold Prize of International Competition! In order to shoot the stars, seven years without vacation: because of love, so

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u2014u2014The end of the night

How long has it been since people living in cities have seen stars?

The annual Greenwich Observatory Photography Award in 2019 announced that Chinese astrophotographer Wang Zhengs Crossing the Historic Star Sky stood out from nearly 5,000 works in more than 90 countries and won the first prize in the Night Sky Group.

This is a world-class astrophotography contest. Wang Zheng is the only female photographer in China who has won a gold medal.

Mandy Bailey, an expert of the Royal Astronomical Society, commented on Wang Zhengs award-winning works.

The scene has a calm but powerful force.

Dead branches stretch out into the Milky Way and meteors

Strong links have been established between the Earth, near space and deep space.

This tense film Crossing the Starry Sky of History was taken in front of a poplar forest in Ejina Banner, Inner Mongolia.

At that time, the Perseid meteor shower was crossing the night sky.

In addition to this gold medal photo, another photo of Wang Zheng, Phoenix, was also included in the Aurora Groups annual collection.

This is last February, she was in cold Iceland, shivering crouched for more than a month, only to photograph the dragon and Phoenix showing auspicious aurora.

In order to capture these beautiful pictures, photographer Wang Zheng has not had a good vacation for seven years.

Because she has been photographing the stars for seven years, her main business is actually a medical worker.

She works for a multinational pharmaceutical company in Beijing. Like many office workers, she travels in high-rise buildings from nine to five.

I am a graduate of molecular biology and a master of biopharmacy.

Because he was interested in nature from an early age, Wang Zheng had a hobby of landscape photography when he was studying. He often hiked on the plateau in winter and summer vacation in order to catch the most beautiful light.

The endless starry sky has shocked me deeply, making me feel how small and great human beings are. Being in the vast natural world, it also makes popular words such as environmental protection and ecology more concrete and realistic.

In this way, Wang Zheng became a more and more professional astrophotographer from a landscape photographer who could not adjust the parameters of the camera for shooting the stars.

Since then, it has been out of control.

Usually he works honestly in the company. When he comes to vacation, Wang Zheng becomes a star-chaser.

Because most of the traditional holidays in China come according to the solar terms, when taking pictures on these traditional holidays, I usually design and shoot themes and pictures in advance according to the phase of the moon at that time.

Every year, there will be special astronomical phenomena, and Wang Zheng will arrange his annual leave and compensatory leave in advance.

Its really busy idling.

Sometimes, it takes about five hours to drive north in Beijing to find a place to shoot the stars. So when the weather is good and the moon is good at the weekend, I will quickly pick up my camera and run out to take photos.

Photography has brought Wang Zheng different wonderful life, but also let her meet many interesting people.

My good friend teatia, although still a 95-year-old student, has perseverance and vitality beyond this age. We went to Iceland to take Aurora photographs, shoot meteor showers and dive together. We had many crazy life experiences.

I remember one time I went to Russia to take Aurora photographs together. My friend patronized the aurora to find out where to shoot. One of them fell into a snow cave without paying attention. Fortunately, the Russian grandfather who happened to pass by took her out with his back hand.

Unconsciously, Wang Zheng had traveled most of the world with the holidays he had saved in seven years.

Unlike the Northern Hemisphere where we live, the southern hemispheres stars, in addition to the big wheat philanthrope that we cant see, are like a big diamond ring. The bright position of the galaxy in the middle of the sky is fantastic.

In Iceland, you can see the stars in the sky lit up by the aurora borealis.

Although the Milky Way is the winter Galaxy in the northern hemisphere, it is relatively dark, but it intersects with the aurora and is very harmonious.

I like such landforms as snow mountains and plateau ice lakes very much, so my favorite place in China is western Sichuan.

Outdoor shooting, especially shooting stars, is to find places that are far away from light pollution and have landscapes.

Wang Zheng, a thin man, often carries heavy photographic equipment and runs to the plateau where the air is thin. He crouches for a long time for a lens.

Because Im too greedy, I want to take pictures of both the scenery and the sunrise or sunset together.

So other peoples holidays are relaxing, but my holidays are working hard, eating and sleeping every day. They often cross mountains and mountains in the middle of the night, and do not sleep for more than 20 hours, from sunrise to sunset.

Later, after waiting for several days, Wang Zhengting relentlessly and friends together, driving around in the dark, finally took the amazing picture.

When asked how he persevered in the past seven years, Wang Zheng enjoyed it.

Because I love this starry sky, its worth no matter how busy I am or how tired I am.

Next, I will try to seize every spare time and continue to shoot.


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