Mother circled my friends who broke up.

 Mother circled my friends who broke up.

By Xiong Yiqiong

Source | China Youth Network Education (zqwjypd)


Her love, indulging my arrogance, Are you still used to school life recently? Everything is fine. I went to the meeting first.

I dont know when, whenever my mother calls me, Im busy. I am busy attending a regular meeting of an organization, having dinner with my classmates, previewing what I will talk about in class the next day, chatting with my girlfriend, and chasing drama.

Yes, Im hiding from her. Anyway, she only asks me every day whether I have an exam recently, how about my relationship with my dormitory classmates and whether I have eaten. By the way, theres another sentence - Study hard. God knows why she asks these questions every time she calls.

Later, she began to complain that I didnt call her. My heart was I didnt have an exam today, I ate a very ordinary meal, my roommates were doing their own things, and I didnt study. But his mouth was saying, Mom, Ive been very busy lately. There are many things I need to do in school, so I planned to call you again tomorrow.

Suddenly she felt that she disturbed me, apologized to me, and assured me to be busy and not anxious, to do things in a orderly way, and now after much hardship will be treated kindly...

I hung up before she finished. After a while, I felt guilty again. It seemed that I had no patience with the man who loved me.

I seem to have forgotten that this woman would not say anything official in writing, nor could she accompany me anytime, anywhere, and she could not even understand my major. So she can only ask me how I am today, at least let me know that she loves me at any time on the other side of the phone. 02 She also needs the phrase I love you on Mothers Day this year. I sent her 200 yuan red envelope. When she clicked on it, she was so excited that she sent me seven 56-second voices in a row. I happened to go to the cinema with my friends. Its only a minute before I get in. I hesitated for a moment or went to the corner to listen to all the voices, and then answered, Happy Mothers Day, in fact, I love you very much. Then she started video chatting with me, saying that she was tired from work recently and that the weather was so hot that she was covered with prickly rashes all over her body. I perfunctorily said, dont get heatstroke. She seemed to feel that my patience was running out, and immediately offered to hang up. Dont let her down, at least not today. I heard this sentence in my heart.

So I began to chat with her seriously, asked her if the prickly heat was serious, and told her all the things I remember about the school week. Occasionally, she would gossip about what her aunts had said that was not appropriate. That day, we talked for half an hour before hanging up. At the end, I said to her seriously, Mom, you need to take care of yourself, and I love you very much. I could hear the choking clearly when she said OK.

I didnt watch the movie, but my heart was full of beauties. As if to say I love you, I have accomplished a great thing. I can feel that she is full of strength because of this sentence.

As we all know, the home that mother wants to return is not any home that can be found by a postman with a postal area code. The home that she wants to return is not a space, but a period of time. 03 She used armor to protect me from growing up as a debt collector in her life. I am a real troublemaker. When I first went to college, I came to my favorite city with her living expenses. I still remember that she always said on the other side of the phone, Keep your money in mind. At that time, I was really depressed. Im not a pupil anymore. Who cant steal money from me? In my first week in a strange city, I was cheated out of all my living expenses.

When crying and calling my mother on the phone, I had done a good job in the psychological construction that she wanted to break off the mother-daughter relationship with me: Its right to be scolded. It was past eight oclock in the evening when she heard me crying and panicked. I told her intermittently what had happened, and I was particularly unreasonable and bold and said, My money has been cheated, and I dont even know who the other party is.

When I waited for her to scold me, she asked me if I had any money, just how long I would remember. She cant use Wechat. Call my cousin and ask her to transfer money to me. After that, she began to learn how to use Wechat and tried to videotape with me so that she could be taught how to transfer money. Later I asked her why she was determined to connect with society. She said she was afraid that I would suddenly run out of money and that I would not find her in the first place when I was sad. 04 She circled me for my lovelorn friend and praised me for never hiding anything from her, of course, I would not take the initiative to tell her. When she asked me if I was in love, I looked on guard: Im twenty years old, and youre not going to control me, are you? She seemed a little hurt, and explained to me: Mother will not interfere with your feelings, just want to say you must protect yourself.

Later, when she calls, she will ask about our emotional status, and always tell me to be mature, not to play with others, to have patience... Various. Are you my mother or his mother? When I complained to her, she would happily tell me that my temper was as bad as hers. She was afraid that others would not stand my petty temper and would hurt me. Finally, I was wronged.

Then we broke up and I didnt know how to tell her. She saw my circle of friends, clicked on the praise, and then sent me a video. She gently comforted me, encouraged me, chatted for a while, hung up and called me a video. I cant sleep. Dont feel bad. You child attaches great importance to feelings, but you should be as strong as your mother! ____________ I echoed her: To be able to afford to put down, lovelorn is how do you feel worse than me?

Mothers all over the world are so similar that their hearts are always the same. Every mother has a very pure heart. Only a mother, even if she cant sympathize with her feelings, will be doubly worried if she knows that her children are in a bad mood. Because her love never expires and she never loses her temper. In the end, maternal love is great, great maternal love is reflected through the trifles of life; maternal love is selfless, selfless maternal love is because the mother devoted all her own to the children; maternal love is sincere, sincere maternal love is naturally revealed in the mothers exhortation, nagging and concern. When we were young, we were willing to confide in her. When we had a little thought, we began to guard against her love. We always thought that she wanted us to be a puppet to realize her unrealized dreams for her. We say that you cant take my life for granted because you gave me it. But in fact, such mothers are always a small number, more mothers, with their own life in the care of her own gestation of life. Mother is strong, she always armed herself, ready to protect her children. So dont forget to say to her, Mom, I love you. - THEEND -

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