Listen to Yin Xiong, Reeber VH520 Virtual 7.1 Channel Game Earphone on the Market

 Listen to Yin Xiong, Reeber VH520 Virtual 7.1 Channel Game Earphone on the Market

Listen to Yin Xiong and listen to the scene.

One black one RGB, hold it properly.

Rapoo vh520 virtual 7.1 channel game headset,

Show the nature of aggression, show the primitive beast nature of the ancient century, wear insightful ears, provide the precise and brave beasts when they hunt, immerse, think, concentrate, explore the subtle details of defeating the opponent, release the pleasure of biting the opponents defense line.

Is the heart beating faster and the palm sweating?

Or calm and calm?

The 50MM loudspeaker is tuned repeatedly. The directional driving unit is aimed at the position of both ears. It is designed with closed earmuffs to provide pure game sound effect and deep bass effect. It can distinguish the middle and high frequency footsteps from the low frequency bombing sound in the game, and finally achieve the effect of hearing and locating.

RGB lineage, fire multiplier style, killing through three routes

Functional attack, air field plus body, in order to highlight all living beings. VH520 collides competitive elements, creates three-dimensional rounded shape, integrates speed into blood, and provides a strong BUFF bonus. Round-robin RGB, in the dark with a higher degree of recognition, to create an immersive game environment. Large-sized soft ears

Good personality, ready hunter, earphone matching exclusive driver, adjustable equalizer value, open 3D effect, select environment simulation sound effect, start

Microphone ENC noise reduction, gain adjustment function, virtual 7.1 satellite sound location and distance adjustment, sound change; four groups

Custom settings file can be stored and read. Effective for FPS big escape killing, FPP shooting, MOBA tactical competition and other games, full of details, redefine.

Different characters interpret the same attitude.

When listening, it becomes instinct.

The situation on the court is under control.

EQ Equilibrium? Virtual 7.1? Change of voice? Its up to you,

Its up to you to define whats going on.

Breaking down the defense line is like finding a bag.

Leibo VH520 virtual 7.1 channel RGB game headphones,

Come on, see the chapter.

Reeber Game - Wisdom Game Happiness

Rapoo (Rapoo), founded in 2002, is a powerful factory, listed companies in peripheral industries, national high-tech enterprises, the first national pilot demonstration enterprises of intelligent manufacturing, and has an automated production system for robots.

Leibo Game peripherals, since its launch in 2008, its two major brand series of competitive VT and game V, involving two major areas of wireless games and competitive games, covering a variety of products such as game mouse, game keyboard, game headphones, game handles, etc. Strength research and development of customized game peripherals exclusive chip, axis, micro-motion and other components, by the market and users recognized and praised.

Leibo Game peripherals not only develop and produce deep-plough products, but also jointly compete in various fields. They have developed in-depth cooperation with electric sports teams (Royal Family, GT, OMG, AS Xiange, GK), electric sports stars (Miss Han Yiying, Misaya Ruofeng Jingxi), electric competition events (NEST, IET), electric sports education (FFF training base) to jointly promote the development of electric sports culture. In addition, Leibo Game and professional players explore the experience of game operation, and have jointly launched Uzi customized version, Zhou customized version, Miss customized version, OMG customized version and other exclusive peripheral products, which continue to use Chinas wisdom to create game happiness for players.

With the development of game and electronic competition industry, Leibo Game has taken root in the user market with sincerity and is determined to make progress.

Do not forget the beginning, move forward, focus on game players, focus on product services, Reeber game wisdom to create a happy experience.