Me and My Motherland broke through the box office boom of 2.4 billion enterprises and institutions

 Me and My Motherland broke through the box office boom of 2.4 billion enterprises and institutions

Initial Creation of Tamping Film Quality

By the early morning of November 11, the film had grossed more than 2.4 billion. Since its release, the film has been ahead of the rest of the world in terms of word-of-mouth. It has scored Cats Eye 9.7, Taopian 9.5 and Douban 8.0. In Cats Eye Platform, it has also scored the highest score of domestic movies. With the continuous fermentation of good reputation, this film not only topped the National Day box office championship, refreshed the new record of the National Day box office, but also successfully ranked in the top ten of the Chinese film box office. One of the important reasons for the high box office is that many audiences spontaneously use two or three brushes. According to the Cats Eye Research Institutes National Day File Data Report of 2019, My Motherland and Me is the highest proportion of second and multiple brushes in this years National Day File, up to 6.5%, which is nearly one percentage point higher than the second.

This is the original intention of the film. According to director Chen Kaige, the film focuses on not only the development and progress of the motherland, but also every Chinese behind the promotion of development and progress. Never forget the first heart, remember the mission. My Motherland and I are always with the audience, people-centered, is to serve the audience. As Zhang Yibai, the chief planner, said, the significance of the film is not at the box office, but how many people saw the film and thought about it and accepted the values it conveys.

A New Peak in Chinese Film History

Subverting Gift Films and Stimulating Peoples Patriotic Enthusiasm

The film Me and My Motherland broke the box office ceiling of the gift film and became the first box office gift film with a gross of 2 billion yuan, creating the highest box office history of the gift film. The film changed the characterization of the traditional theme film Gao Daquan, and used the perspective closer to the people to realize the transformation of the theme film. The film not only expresses the mainstream values, but also uses commercialized means and methods to stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of the audience and the movie-watching craze, which is a perfect combination of the main theme values and the audiences movie-watching habits. It can be called a practice of from plateau to peak. Among them, the leading Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. has played an important role in guiding the mainstream values and market trends.

Make enough tears and listen to the end of the song is reluctant to leave the scene become the highest frequency of audience feedback. The film tells of seven historical moments closely related to ordinary people. It is full of meaningful emotions. Audiences of all ages can search for their own touches among the big historical figures according to their pictures. I want to take my grandfather with me to brush two times, the children salute the screen when they hear the National Anthem seriously, mother tears from the beginning to the end... Me and My Motherland aroused a strong resonance among the audience of all ages and aroused the patriotic enthusiasm of the public.

The film Me and My Motherland was produced by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. It was directed by Chen Kaige, directed by Huang Jianxin, planned by Zhang Yibai, and directed by Chen Kaige, Zhang Yibai, Guanhu, Xue Xiaolu, Xu E, Ninghao and Wenmuye. The story of common people breathing and fate with the motherland in the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China was retrospected in seven historical moments. It is currently in the global heat screening.

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