Comments: Shanghai Stock Index Bottom Search Up 0.88percent Big Financial Plate Strong Up

 Comments: Shanghai Stock Index Bottom Search Up 0.88percent Big Financial Plate Strong Up

On the plate side: the growth rate of the financial media, voice technology, mining services and other sectors was the highest, while the decline rate of photoresist, hydrofluoric acid, Huawei Haisi concept and other sectors was the highest.

Peripheral Situation: The three major U.S. stock indexes closed up, with the Dow rising more than 150 points. Most of the big technology stocks closed up, with Apples share price hitting a new high, closing up 1.35%. Nais jumped by more than 4%. Both Nvida and Maxim rose by more than 1%. Zhongquan shares rose and fell unevenly, Baidu rose nearly 4%, Mushroom Street rose more than 3%, Yulai Automobile fell more than 7%. Asia-Pacific stock markets rose collectively, led by Hong Kongs Hang Seng Index. The Nikkei index in Tokyo rose 1.15% to 21799; Taiwan closed; and the Korean composite index rose 0.81% to 2045.

News: the World Maritime Congress will begin in Shanghai in 2019 to discuss the new era, new technology and new maritime affairs; Moodys downgrading the New Towns rating outlook to the negative that the main banks have resumed lending; Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology: focusing on building a new generation of information infrastructure to implement in-depth industrial Internet innovation and development strategy; Shana: The 4th China Enterprise Merger and Acquisition Forum on the Iranian Oil Tanker Explosion will be called soon. Open; probably because of missile attack; cheetah car issued a clear denial of bankruptcy, saying that all are in vain; Chinas 10-year Treasury bond futures plummeted to the lowest level in nearly three months.

Shenguang Finance and Economics Viewpoint: Today, the Shanghai Index bottomed out, the stock market opened up slightly in the morning, and then all the way down the shock. Under the pull of the weighted stocks such as securities, banking and insurance, the three major indexes turned red collectively, the financial media rose strongly, leading the two markets, mining services rose sharply in the afternoon, before the rise, the cement plate had a stronger trend, leading the rise, the eastern Hebei cement plate led the rise, and the bank plate was large. Pudong Development Corporation led the rise, the port shipping sector showed a stronger performance, merchant ships continued to increase and stop volume, the concept of natural gas rose ahead, photoresist and integrated circuit plate showed a weaker performance, collective decline. At present, the general environment of the stock market is not good, it is difficult to have a big market, so we try to choose high-quality stock band operation as the main, must not blindly catch up with the high, the current stock market callback is also basically bottoming, can be appropriately increased warehouse.

Heavy news will land A shares there are two major advantages! Follow-up mainline exposure

On Thursday, the market, led by the strong growth of science and technology stocks and biomedical stocks, stepped out of a relatively strong upward trend and realized the trend of Sanyang Kaitai.

Yesterday, the offshore renminbi surged against the US dollar in a short period of time, rebounding once more than 700 basis points in the day. Today morning, the offshore renminbi continued to appreciate, and has now surpassed 7.10, a new high since September 20. Ping An Securities believes that the central bank uses counter-cyclical factors to stabilize the exchange rate after the RMB exchange rate breaks 7 against the US dollar, which means that the central bank does not want the disorderly and continuous depreciation of the RMB.

Stocks that both financiers and institutions are optimistic about expose the performance of such stocks.

After the festival, the A-share market realizes the trend of Sanyang Kaitai, and the financiers once again open the buying and buying mode.

Huaxin Securities said that Thursdays continuation of Wednesdays rebound has confirmed to some extent the opening of the short-term overshoot rebound. At this stage, the transition from the overshoot rebound to the trend market is premised, requiring confirmation of the warming of macroeconomic data in September, so there is still uncertainty before the economic data are released. The index still has technical pressure at 2960-2980 points.