Children who eat slowly eat in toilets are being investigated in Shaanxi kindergartens

 Children who eat slowly eat in toilets are being investigated in Shaanxi kindergartens

Recently, parents of a kindergarten in Dali County, Weinan County, Shaanxi Province reported that because children eat slowly, kindergarten teachers let children eat in the toilet. Some children eat three meals a day in the toilet, and some children are suspected of burning their voice because they eat too fast.

CCTV reporters learned from the Propaganda Department of Dali County Committee on the afternoon of November 11 that in response to this incident, an investigation team was set up in Dali County, Shaanxi Province, in which the deputy county head in charge was the group leader and the county discipline Commission (supervisory committee), the county market supervision bureau and the County Education Bureau were members. At present, the investigation team is investigating kindergartens involved, and the head of the kindergarten and the teacher in charge, Ma Mouyun, have been suspended. The investigation team said that the matter will be thoroughly investigated. If there are violations of the law, it will be severely punished. The final results of the investigation will be released to the public in time.

Kindergarten children eat slowly and are told to go to the toilet to eat at the Educational Bureau: Children volunteer

On October 9, a parent of Tongdi Kindergarten in Jingshi County, Dali County, reported to the China Business Daily that because the children ate slowly, the teacher allowed them to eat in the toilet, and some children would go to the toilet for three meals a day. The gardeners practice was very inappropriate. In this regard, the garden admits that there is indeed this matter, the matter has been dealt with. The Supervision Office of Dali County Education Bureau has intervened in the investigation.

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