Wuxi National Highway, where the collapsed bridge was located, was suggested to rectify the incident just after the date of consultation.

 Wuxi National Highway, where the collapsed bridge was located, was suggested to rectify the incident just after the date of consultation.

Accidents occurred on the day the two draft opinions were published.

On October 11, the site of bridge collapse accident at K135 National Highway 312 and Xigang Road was blocked. Photography/Journal Reporter Yongzhang

According to the announcement issued by Wuxi, at about 18:10 on October 10, 2019, the bridge deck rollover accident occurred at K135 National Highway 312 and Xigang Road. After on-site search and rescue, a total of three cars under the bridge were crushed. One of them was a parked vehicle (no one had found the driver), two people on one vehicle were dead, and one on one vehicle was dead. There were three cars and two trucks on the rollover bridge deck, and two people were injured.

At about 2 p.m. on October 11, a reporter from China Newsweek came to the scene of the incident. The scene was blocked. Looking inward from the blockade line, only two forklifts were seen working. Outside the blockade line, many pedestrians stopped to watch. Residents living in the blockaded area who want to enter the scene need to show their ID card to the police to confirm that their residence is in the scene before they can enter. Reporters asked the scene when the police lifted the blockade, the police said it was not clear.

Wuxi officially issued a circular saying that experts from the Ministry of Transport had rushed to the scene to guide accident investigation, and an accident investigation team had been set up in Wuxi. After preliminary analysis, the overturning of the overpass bridge is caused by the overloading of the transport vehicle.

According to a bill of materials confirmed to have been photographed on the spot, the truck loads involved were rolled steel with a rolling weight of 28.535 tons per coil. The truck has at least four rolled steel rolls of the same weight, which can be estimated to carry at least 114.14 tons of rolled steel. According to the Code for Design of Urban Bridges, the maximum allowable design load of the first-class highway is 55 tons, and the truck is at least 200% overweight.

The vehicles involved are subordinate to Wuxi Successful Transportation Co., Ltd. According to the enterprise survey, the company was established in September 2014, with the registered address of Xiaofeng Village, Qianqiao, Huishan District, Wuxi City, and the legal representative of Liu Jianping, accounting for 80% of the shares; another shareholder, Li Jinchun, accounting for 20% of the shares.

According to China judicial document network, one of the traffic accident disputes involved in the company was also related to overloading: on March 18, 2017, Lu drove all the heavy semi-trailer tractors of the company and pulled the heavy flat semi-trailer. When turning in ganyao Town, Jiangsu Province, he collided with Zhengs electric bicycle, causing the other partys level 6 disability. Traffic police confirmed that the quality of loading exceeded that of nuclear loading was the fundamental cause of the accident.

In addition, according to the information revealed by the enterprise investigation, between 2017 and 2019, the company involved at least nine legal proceedings, six of which were brought to court by others or companies due to traffic accident disputes.

At 3 p.m. on October 11, China News Weekly came to Wuxi Successful Transport Company. The companys name was removed from the entrance. There was a gas tank truck, a truck and a van parked in the companys parking lot. At the same time, there is also a police vehicle at the scene. A man at the scene said that he was an assistant policeman, responsible for preventing outsiders from entering the company, and the companys leaders and employees were not in the company. Two nearby residents said that the head of the company had been taken away by the police for investigation. When the head was taken away, many people witnessed the process. Interface news reports say that the person in charge of the company taken away is the legal representative, Liu Jianping.

The accident of bridge collapse in Wuxi was initially identified as the result of overloading of transport vehicles. The picture shows Wuxi Successful Transport Co., Ltd., which belongs to the transport vehicles involved. Photography/Journal Reporter Yongzhang

According to the announcement of the final accounts of Wuxi Section 312 National Highway Extension Project published on the website of Wuxi Audit Bureau in 2007, the construction of Wuxi Section 312 National Highway Extension Project started in September 2003, opened in June 2005 and accepted in November 2005. The quality of the project has been evaluated as excellent grade by Wuxi Traffic Engineering Quality Supervision Station, and has undergone many design changes.

This viaduct is a single-column pier bridge. Professor Xiao Rucheng, Department of Bridge Engineering, Tongji University, once told Caixin that in recent years, in many bridge overturning incidents, the bridges involved are almost single-column piers and straight-line bridges.

Single-pillar pier bridge is a kind of bridge with single support slab, which has simple shape, low cost, small space under the bridge and compact whole slab bridge. It is widely used in urban bridges and high-speed interchange ramp bridges in China. The disadvantage is that the lateral anti-overturning stability of the structure is insufficient under the action of vehicle eccentric load when passing through overloaded heavy vehicles. Under the action of accidental eccentric load, the overall lateral instability may occur.

In addition, Baidu Map shows that the Wuxi Side Crossing Bridge is near the Oriental Steel City, where steel, timber and logistics companies are gathered, and the traffic of trucks on the bridge is very large.

Before the accident, there were many people who expressed their dissatisfaction with the traffic congestion on National Highway 312 and their worries about potential safety hazards. In 2018, the deputies to the National Peoples Congress of Wuxi submitted a proposal in writing to the Wuxi Planning Bureau, entitled Suggestions on Improving Traffic Congestion on G312 National Highway. According to the proposal, National Highway 312 is a major east-west transit freight channel in the northern part of Wuxi City, which undertakes a large number of transit freight traffic between Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Nanjing. In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and society and the continuous expansion of Wuxi urban area, the traffic carrying capacity of this road is increasing day by day. Especially the section from Huishan Avenue to Xisha Road has increasingly become a traffic bottleneck of the whole line, which leads to the confusion of the overall traffic organization of this node and its surrounding areas.

In addition, along the section from Huishan Avenue to Xisha Road of 312 National Highway, there are many large-scale logistics freight parking lots on both sides of the line. A large number of freight vehicles entering and leaving the section cause great interference to the normal traffic of the main line.

In view of the above reasons, the deputies to the National Peoples Congress of Wuxi suggested that effective measures should be taken to improve the traffic congestion situation of 312 National Highway. Firstly, the section from Huishan Avenue to Xisha National Highway 312 should be reformed rapidly by adopting the elevated scheme. The second is to speed up the construction of the second fast-track planning system.

On the day of the incident, the website of Wuxi City Key Construction Project Management Center published the Draft of Environmental Impact Report Representation for the Reconstruction and Extension Project of Wuxi Section of 312 National Highway (Xisha Road East-Tongjiang Road) and the Draft of Environmental Impact Representation for the Reconstruction and Extension Project of Wuxi Section 312 National Highway (Feifeng Road-Jincheng Road East).

The report indicates that National Highway 312 passes through the whole urban area of Wuxi. Wuxi is a planned area of the whole city, with high intensity of land development and high demand for transportation. National Highway 312 not only bears long-distance traffic, but also inter-city and intra-city short-distance traffic. It has large traffic volume, low service level, serious congestion in some sections and low traffic efficiency. In addition, the high proportion of trucks has further aggravated the degree of congestion, slowed down the traffic efficiency, the current capacity and traffic conditions can not meet the traffic demand, and need to be improved urgently.

In order to improve the present situation of Wuxi section of 312 National Highway, Wuxi Transportation Bureau intends to invest 1.574 billion yuan in the reconstruction of 312 National Highway (Xisha Line-Tongjiang Avenue). In addition, it is proposed to invest 7.552 billion yuan in the reconstruction of 312 National Highway (Feifeng Road - Jincheng East Road).

However, on the day of the release of the two draft opinions, an accident happened at K135 National Highway 312 and across the bridge on Xigang Road, which was crushed by a truck.

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