Five questions about the rollover accident of Wuxi viaduct: who is the design and construction party in the end?

 Five questions about the rollover accident of Wuxi viaduct: who is the design and construction party in the end?

The overturning accident of Wuxi viaduct caused a shock of public opinion. According to the latest official report, the accident caused three cars to be pressed, resulting in three deaths and two injuries.

More powerful than the specific casualty figures is the live video. There is a driving recorder to take the moment of the incident, the scene is thrilling, like a film picture. The boom was audible across the screen.

You never know which one will come first tomorrow or by accident has been thought of by many people.

The best way to alleviate public safety anxiety is to thoroughly investigate responsibility and truly make bridges strong and roads safe.

For the cause of the accident, the official preliminary analysis is that the overload of transport vehicles caused. But for the moment, there are still some questions to be answered.

How is the local response to disposal progressing?

In the face of such a major safety accident, the public is bound to have a lot of questions besides surprise and prayer: real-time casualty data, accident scene processing, accident bridge construction and maintenance, accident vehicles and so on.

After the accident, some local rescue departments rushed to the scene quickly, which echoes the expectations of the people who relieve the disaster quickly.

However, as far as public opinion is concerned, there are still some places that are not in place.

So far, for example, only two waves of announcements have been issued, and the information is still very thin. Although it takes time for the detailed investigation of the progress of the incident, it is obviously necessary to enhance the visibility of the accident and satisfy the publics right to know through timely release of the progress and results of the real-time investigation.

For example, according to CCTV China Traffic Radio, nine hours after the accident, the local government news office microblogged two unrelated messages without mentioning the accident. A reporter on the spot connected to the government hotline on duty, the other side said that they did not know the details, while the person in charge of the Propaganda Department kept unanswered.

On the Internet, some people compare this with the speed of catching rumors. This is not appropriate, but also shows that such a public opinion response has some hindsight.

For example, CCTV China Traffic Radio reporters said that when they rushed to the scene, the scene of the incident pulled up a blockade line to prevent the media from shooting.

This may be a prudent consideration, but in the face of the publics enthusiastic response, there is clearly a need for more speed and transparency in response.

The problem is only in overloaded vehicles?

In the official bulletin, after preliminary analysis, it was identified that the direct cause of the accident was the red overloaded truck driving above the viaduct at the time of the accident.

Is that truck really overloaded? According to an interview with the Beijing News, Wuxi iron and steel industry said that four coils scattered in the red truck, each weighing between 27 tons and 28 tons. Based on the scattered four coils of 28 tons each, the weight of the four coils is at least 112 tons.

Previously, netizens blasted that it was a steel market lengthened vehicle (that is, the red truck) that was illegal and overloaded. It should carry 65 tons of 187 tons of real load. When the vehicle passed, the bridge rolled over because of resonance caused by serious overload.

Various information points to the overloading of large trucks. But if there are safety redundancy designs or measures such as limit override, overloaded trucks may not be able to cause overturning of viaducts.

Professionals have analyzed that the involved viaduct belongs to the single-column pier-beam bridge. The force acting on the single-column pier is unreasonable, and overloading on one side can easily cause overturning. The truck is on one side of the bridge deck behind the bridge. The bridges dead weight is not enough to balance the moment caused by vehicle overload. Lateral force leads to rollover.

Others have proposed solutions: the bridge bearings move out to reduce the moment when heavy-duty trucks take the outer lane, or the piers are the same width as the bridge deck; heavy-duty trucks can only take the middle lane, or not allow heavy-duty trucks to bridge.

Many of these characteristics are the same as the causes of the bridge rollover accident in Harbin. At that time, the total checked load of four trucks traveling in the same direction on one side was 102 tons, the total actual load was 395 tons, and the total weight of trucks and goods was nearly 500 tons, which eventually led to the collapse of four trucks, resulting in three deaths and five injuries.

In addition to overloading, is the cause of the accident related to the design of piers and unfavorable load arrangement?

Who is the design and construction party?

When the bridge collapsed, the most direct response of many people might be to ask about the quality of the project.

Official documents show that the project has been awarded excellent grade project by Wuxi Traffic Engineering Quality Supervision Station, the engineering supervision department.

According to the Announcement of Audit Result of Final Accounts of the Extension Project of Wuxi Section of 312 National Highway issued by Wuxi Audit Bureau in 2007, the extension project of Wuxi Section of 312 National Highway was carried out in 2003, started construction in September of that year, opened in June of 2005, and acceptance and acceptance of the project in November of 2005. It is noteworthy that the project took 22 months to complete and has been open for nearly 15 years.

According to the announcement, the overall design unit of the extension project of Wuxi Section of 312 National Highway is Jiangsu Academy of Communications Sciences Limited Company, etc. The main supervision units are Jiangsu Kexing Engineering Construction Supervision Limited Company and other supervision units, and the main construction units are Wuxi Communications Engineering General Company, ASEAN Construction Engineering Limited Company and China Railway Fourteenth Bureau Group Limited Company.

It is interesting that after the incident, Jiangsu Academy of Communications, as a listed company of A shares, responded quickly, saying that the project has nothing to do with itself, and the specific statement will be announced later.

Not only Sujiao Branch, but also the Central Group, which was pointed out by the spearhead, issued a bulletin clarifying that the design, construction and supervision of collapsed viaducts in Wuxi have nothing to do with the company.

The question arises: As the contractor of the project in the official report, can we get rid of the relationship at the first time? If it werent for them, who would be the real builder?

In this accident, if there are quality problems or design flaws in bridge and road engineering, it may involve design, construction, supervision, acceptance and other links. It is obviously indispensable to clarify the responsibilities in each link.

No one cares about overloading?

According to the relevant persons, this bridge has been built for nearly 15 years, and has been used by heavy trucks all the year round.

The reason is that on both sides of the viaduct, there are many large professional wholesale markets, including a large steel city, profile city and timber market. These bulk cargo are transported through the bridge.

_This is the rescue scene of the overturning accident of Wuxi viaduct in Jiangsu Province, which was taken on October 11. Tuyuan/Xinhua News Agency

The bridge rolled over yesterday, seemingly by accident, but there may be Hains Law behind it.

Just last night, an old article published on April 24, 2017, How long will the Wuxi Fast Inner Ring Viaduct last? It was re-turned and quickly reached 100,000 +.

The article reminds us that Wuxi Fast Inner Ring should not release trucks, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve its design life of 50 years.

His words are more like a kind of prophecy: Once the truck crushes the elevated road and causes the bridge to break and collapse, the driving car is unpredictable and preventable, it must be the disaster of extinction!

Although the bridge of the accident belongs to the outer ring, looking back at his sentence, it has been infinitely close to the phrase a word becomes a prophecy.

Now it seems that the section of the rollover bridge, not only truck traffic, may have been overloaded.

According to local people, the accident section truck overload is common, a car pulled 300 tons a few years ago, now the overload pipe is strict, but a car is also pulled about 150 tons.

According to the latest regulations on overloading of trucks, vehicles with six or more axles, whose total weight of trucks and goods exceeds 55 tons, will be regarded as overweight. If calculated according to 150 tons, the overload has reached as much as 200%.

This has to be questioned, overloaded traffic, nobody cares?

According to Red Star News, in the past two years, Wuxi Transportation Bureau has issued many limit overload regulations to grasp overload. However, the accident undoubtedly shows that the local transport sector, in the work of overload supervision, there are still shortcomings and omissions.

How to avoid the recurrence of similar accidents?

To ensure the safety of urban roads and bridges, it is necessary for all parts of the system to work together.

As far as pre-construction is concerned, from design, construction to supervision and acceptance, every link needs to be meticulous and interlinked. To be error-free and error-free is to be responsible for the safety of public life.

In terms of management and maintenance afterwards, traffic police, transportation management and road administration departments should also coordinate and be responsible for each other.

_This is the rescue scene of the overturning accident of Wuxi viaduct in Jiangsu Province. Tuyuan / Beijing News

Management and maintenance is not a matter of overnight, but of perseverance. Regular investigation and maintenance of road and bridge safety, and strict control over multi-lane sections of freight cars and bridges are all routine measures that should be taken.

As far as the problems exposed by the accident are concerned, it is obvious that there are many places that need to be fixed.

Its not just a department that needs to be fixed. This overturning accident of viaduct is enough to warn many units, departments and individuals that maintaining the safety of urban roads and bridges is the basic guarantee for the safety of pedestrianslives. This requires the comprehensive consideration of the construction side, the vigilance of the traffic system department, and the consciousness of the travelers.

The urgent task is to rescue the personnel and deal with the aftermath of the accident. Who will pay for the medical expenses and compensation of the wounded and the deceased? Who should accept the grief, anger and appeal of the victims and their families? Among them, the determination of the subject of accident liability is particularly important.

I hope that the local government can press the thorough investigation key to respond to the demands of the unfortunate and the public with the truth and proper aftermath.

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