Evening News | Jia Yuetings Application for Personal Bankruptcy

 Evening News | Jia Yuetings Application for Personal Bankruptcy

According to media reports, Jia Yueting applied for personal bankruptcy reorganization in American courts, and will transfer all assets to creditors through creditor trust, which is controlled and managed by creditor Committee and trustee. In response to this news, Jia Yuetings FF official response to the media said that Jia Yuetings personal debt problem is handled by the domestic debt team, FF there is not much news. [link to original

The First Man in Space Walk and Soviet astronaut Alexei Leonov died

According to Hurriyet, the Gagarin Astronaut Training Center announced the death of Alexei Leonov, the first Soviet cosmonaut to walk in space, aged 85. [Link to the original

Open for the first time! Chinas Mars Explorer True Volume Exposure is expected to launch next year

Today, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group official Weifa said, The first public, Chinas Mars probereal facehere! And distributed pictures. Ye Peijian, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chief scientist of space science and deep space exploration at the Chinese Academy of Space Technology, said recently that China would launch a Mars probe next year and plan to land on Mars before the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (2021). [Link to the original

Dayson decided to give up building cars: cars are easy to build, but home appliances make more money

Dyson has decided to give up making electric cars. The founder of Dayson issued an open letter stating that the Dayson engineering team had made a very good prototype car, but failed to find a viable commercial solution. After failing to sell the electric vehicle, he decided to cut down the electric vehicle project, close research and development institutions in Britain and Singapore, and invest research and development resources in solid-state batteries, induction technology, vision systems, robots and machines. Learning and artificial intelligence are already familiar areas. [Link to the original

Cook, Apples off the shelf Thugs good helper, explained to employees: to protect users

Apple Inc. in the United States recently launched an app that can be used by Hong Kong gangsters to track police positions, causing a stir. After being named and criticized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and Peoples Daily, the company officially launched the App on the 9th local time. Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a letter to employees Wednesday explaining why the next app was launched, saying that the decision to launch the app protected users to the greatest extent. [Link to the original

Does the company withdraw from the e-cigarette business? Business scope no longer includes electronic cigarettes

According to Tian Eye Check data, the business scope of Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd., the main body of the American League, has changed, and the business scope no longer includes retail tobacco (including electronic cigarettes). [Link to the original

Androids father opens photos of his new mobile phone in a strip shaped like a remote control

Despite previous reports that Essential, founded by Andy Rubin, the father of Android, is already considering a sale. But recently, he posted another picture on Twitter of a long strip device called mobile phone, which is widely believed to be the new project Gem being developed by his company. [Link to the original

Li Guoqings Trilogy of Expulsion by His Wife: She was twice soft-hearted and didnt kick her

When founder Li Guoqing was kicked out by his wife Yu Yu, he counted the three steps of expulsion: stock right change, deputy deputy, and forced Gongxin. Today, Li Guoqing said that when the board of directors twice decided to kick Yu Yu out, but he was soft-hearted. [Link to the original

Dare to go? The Chernobyl Accident Core was opened for the first time: up to five minutes

On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant reactor No. 4 exploded, causing the most serious nuclear leakage accident in history. Now more than 30 years later, the control room of reactor 4, the core of the nuclear accident, will be opened to tourists for the first time. [Link to the original

Apple Patent Exposure: MacBook Heart Rate Measurement, 5G/LTE Dual Connection, etc.

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office announced a number of patents of Apple, including new patents for MacBook heart rate measurement, wireless headphones, 5G/LTE dual-connection and Apple VR optical system. [Link to the original