The Best Marriage: Not a Partner, but the Remaining Life

 The Best Marriage: Not a Partner, but the Remaining Life

I dont know how far your marriage is, and I can go for the rest of my life.

Too many times marriage is fragile, people in the besieged city suffer, people outside the besieged city sigh.

Its not that Ive never been in love. My first heart beat still thumps when I recall it.

Nor is it not enough to pay, people in middle age, in the face of disintegration heartache is also true.

Marriage is sometimes strange. How can you give love just right?

The siege is like a bottle. It gives too much love and is submerged and unable to breathe.

Husbands and wives in cities around the world probably need:

A lot of not overflowing, just right love bar!


Middle Age: My Love Is Isolated

Letters from friends:

In middle age, when she got her divorce certificate, her heart was empty and she began to recall the day when she met her ex-husband.

Love is beautiful, they are full of enthusiasm, flowers and wine, talk all night, as if they are one person to understand each other.

Entering marriage, facing firewood, rice, oil and salt, they all start to be busy, gather less and leave more, and one day they will quarrel about who washes dishes and get divorced.

Expect him to be better for himself!

Expect him to remember his promises!

Expect him to change for himself!