The best shortcut to transshipment is to praise people behind their backs.

 The best shortcut to transshipment is to praise people behind their backs.

On the other hand, when your praise reaches the other persons ears, the other person will feel good about you. You will be regarded as a confidant, friend, or even a noble person, willing to cooperate with you as much as possible.

Over time, you will become a person with vision, good popularity, good heart and gentle love of laughter.

Its hard for such a person to be unlucky.

I used to work in a company.

One day, having dinner with a colleague in another department, she suddenly said, You know, our boss really appreciates you.

I cant understand why.

Our boss is a man who laughs freely and does not talk much. How does she know his mind?

Her next words shocked me even more. Originally, the boss called me in another department to praise me, praised me as the most savvy employee, and used detailed analysis to teach you how to learn.

If the boss just praised me face to face, I might be touched for a few days.

Since I heard that he praised me behind his back, I almost live in a good mood praised by my boss every day. u2014u2014 Although he didnt say anything to his face, he must be praising me in his heart.

In this way, I am more energetic in my work.


How bad is the luck of those who swear behind their backs, and how good is the luck of those who swear behind their backs.

Festinger, an American social psychologist, has a well-known rule called the Fistinger rule: 10% of life is made up of what happens to you, and the other 90% is determined by how you react to what happens.

A girl went out in the morning and found that the garbage next door had not been thrown away in time. It smelled like smoke.

She frowned and beat a car angrily.

The driver looked, yo, this girl is not easy to provoke, dare not speak all the way.

When the girl looked wrong, she quarreled with the driver.

After a few words, the girl turned on her cell phone and complained about the driver. Stomp into the company while complaining.

As soon as she came in and met her colleagues, she gave the driver a bad scolding.

In fact, what she said about the driver had no effect on the driver at all. Instead, she let herself cultivate a stranger is not near temperament.

A negative energy, calculating, gnashing bad girl, so into everyones vision.

People cant see what wrongs she has suffered. They can only see that she looks at others like a madman every day. She is always angry, scolds and says that others are not good.

Over time, she really became a very unlucky person.

On the contrary, people who praise people behind their backs often make people feel like spring breeze.

When I graduated, I worked as a chaperone with a female boss.

On one occasion, she casually mentioned a brand of clothes, and praised it to the utmost, saying: I only wear this brand of clothes, because they cut generously, the fabric is comfortable.

Years later, I had forgotten the brand in her mouth, but I still remember her high-spirited appearance.

In my mind, she will always be a beautiful lady with elegant dress and full of smiles.


To praise others behind your back is to praise yourself.

To slander others behind ones back is to slander oneself.

Psychology has a theory called innuendo effect in addition to the Fistinger rule.

What do you think of the outside world? The outside world thinks about you in general.

Some time ago, a blogger who is an e-commerce business said a word and succeeded in getting on the hot spot.

He said: In our e-commerce industry, there is an unknown iron law to find a girlfriend.

Those who satisfy the above three at the same time are difficult to serve.

This remark immediately caused a great disturbance.

Is this statement totally unreasonable?

Not at all.

Because the more low-priced goods, the more after-sales disputes they face.

Initially, she believed that this was due to the lower quality of low-priced goods.

However, after careful observation, she found that two different prices of goods, even if the same logistics, low-cost goods bring more logistics disputes and complaints.

She fell into a deep thought:

Is it the life that brings more bad comments, or more bad comments that bring the life that brings the soul?

Maybe these two are closed-loop loops in themselves.

It can be seen that if you say good or bad things behind your back, even if only for a soulless object, it will affect your luck.


No one speaks behind anyone, and no one speaks behind anyone.

If you praise a person in person, you may be suspected of deliberately flattering him, but if you praise him behind his back, you will feel more sincere and more likely to gain the trust of the other party.

In A Dream of Red Mansions, Jia Baoyu is especially good to Lin Daiyu, but Lin Daiyu is always in a state of uncertainty and doubts about Baoyus sincerity.

Until one day, she happened to pass the window and heard Baoyu chatting with several people.

Shi Xiangyun and Xue Baochai advised Baoyu to study hard and gain fame. Baoyu disdained Baoyu and praised Daiyu: Miss Lin never said such nonsense.

Since then, Daiyu has never doubted Baoyus sincerity.

You see, a compliment behind your back is more convincing than any vow.

If there is any good luck in the world, then one is called effort and the other is called choice.

What kind of person do you choose to be? Start with your mouth.

For the rest of our lives, in addition to our efforts, we have to choose to be a person who often praises people behind their backs.