He won the Nobel Prize from hot to hard because of these three trivial things, people in the workplace take it as a warning.

 He won the Nobel Prize from hot to hard because of these three trivial things, people in the workplace take it as a warning.

[1] Critics argue that Mo Yans award-winning works have written too many dark aspects of society in order to cater to Western tastes, especially those strange stories in the countryside, describing torture and bloody, ignoring womens dignity, over-expressing ugly things, vilifying the Chinese people and losing the face of their ancestors. Many people have never read Mo Yans book at all, or have read it that feels very bad to read, in line with the simple feelings of family ugliness should not be externalized, criticized Mo Yan for throwing family ugliness into the international arena.

[2] Critics argue that Mo Yan is not qualified to win the prize, and that Chinese people have advocated the culture of no literature first, no Wu second since ancient times. Literature is a matter in which people see wisdom from different perspectives. You like it or not. You cant read it without shaking your head. Wushu is a real-life competition, you jump 8 meters, he jumps 7.99 meters, is also your first. So they made a list of writers and thought that everyone was better than Mo Yan, and that everyone deserved the prize more.

[3] Critics cant eat grapes and say that grapes are sour. When they see Moyan, who is not so famous, suddenly become the first person to win the Nobel Prize, they overturn the bottle of five flavors. People are afraid of famous pigs, but strong ones will be destroyed by the forest wind. People in China have always had the bad habit of making big strikes and shooting birds at the head. Whoever is more fired than everybody will be destroyed; Whoever is richer than everybody will be excluded. No way. Changing Zhang Yan, Li Yan and Liu Yan, it is estimated that the outcome is the same.

Walking in the workplace, after many people are famous and successful, they may encounter various kinds of attacks and crowding-out, some people may fight back, may usher in a more violent blow, and some people may be angry, may become ill. Its better to learn how to deal with these setbacks.

One is to maintain a sober, modest and cautious attitude, otherwise, the critics will hang and beat more fiercely. There is a magazine in order to stir up hot spots, special album criticism Mo Yan. Mo Yan wrote back, I didnt graduate from elementary school. Its the readerswrong love to achieve such a result. It really makes me sweat.

The second is to maintain a broad and simple mind. Mo Yan is a native writer who grew up in the countryside. He has always maintained the simplicity of the northern peasants original heart and deeply embodied the openness of the literary master class. After winning the Nobel Prize, Mo Yan did not float around and won a very simple prize. He said that the prize was 7.5 million yuan. He wanted to improve his housing in Beijing. He laughed and said that of course, he could not buy a big house.

The third is to maintain a positive and optimistic feeling, full of goodwill. When the outside world is full of criticism of Mo Yan, he is still full of confidence and expectation for literature. On October 10, when the Nobel Prize was announced, Mo Yan looked forward to the future, and no one could predict the development of Chinese literature in the future. He said, Chinas future works are sure to come in all shapes and sizes. Its also a kind of relief for what happened to you.