The deepest love of poetry is letting go.

 The deepest love of poetry is letting go.


Let go of impossible love

Pu Operator and Giving Prostitutes

Song Dynasty: Xie Zhi

The twin paddles are flat.

You go home and I go home.

Say how to live.

I never think about it.

You dont think about me.

Will you ever be with me,

Pay others.


Wandering chant

Tang Dynasty: Meng Jiao

In the face of the tight seams, I am afraid of returning late.

Whoever speaks in an inch of grass will be rewarded with spring sunshine.

Mother is worried. All parents in the world cant give up their children. But Long Yingtai once said that the fate of children and parents in this life is to keep watching each other go.

When the cubs grow up, they need to learn to fly; when the lions grow up, they need to hunt by themselves; when the children grow up, they need to develop their own wonderful life.

So let go of the child you cant let go. You cant take care of him all his life. Someday, he will learn to live his own life.


Send Du Shaofu to Shuzhou

Tang Dynasty: Wang Bo

Chengque is supplemented by Sanqin Dynasty.

Separating from the monarch is a eunuch traveler.

A confidant in the sea, a neighbor in the horizon.

Inaction is on the wrong track, and children share the same scarf.

The separation of friends is also painful. From one city to another, although the traffic is now convenient, but perhaps slowly, less contact, weak relations, divergence.

Confucius once said that the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water. You need to learn to measure your friends and let go of your dependence on them. As Wang Bo said, there are close friends in the sea and the horizon is close to each other. As long as you have each other in your heart, your friendship will always be strong. And in this big world, how many new encounters await you?


Let go of your own knot

Xuanzhou Xie Ying Lou Bie Shuyun

Tang Dynasty: Li Bai

Those who abandon me,

Yesterday is not a day to stay.

Todays day is full of worries.

Long winds send autumn geese.

This can be a tall building.

Penglais article Jian An Gu,

Thank you again.

We are all full of joy and vigor.

To see the bright moon in the blue sky.

Drawing knives cut off water and flow more.

Dropping your glasses makes you sadder.

Life is unsatisfactory.

The Ming Dynasty sent out boats.

Life in the world, everything can not go smoothly, nor every setback has the opportunity to turn over. Luck, ability and opportunity are indispensable. If your problem hasnt been solved, dont be complacent and despondent; if you have the ability, but cant succeed because of the lack of a little luck and opportunity, dont fall back and sink on your own.

Put your heart down and stop worrying. There are many ways of life. There are so many new continents waiting for you to discover and open up. Why should you hang on a tree?

Only after reading the poems can we understand that the deepest love of time is letting go. May the rest of your life learn to let go in the name of love.

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