Staying up late for a long time leads to more than 700 genetic changes in Chinese people: say good night early, and your body will be good.

 Staying up late for a long time leads to more than 700 genetic changes in Chinese people: say good night early, and your body will be good.

Do you worry about sudden death one day?


Staying up late is to fight poison with poison

There is such a news on the microblog hot search, which makes me feel crisis again.

Sleep less than 6 hours a night, lasting for a week, will lead to more than 700 gene changes in the body!!

I often stay up late because of work, irregular working and sleeping hours. I may have mutated my genes. No wonder every time I go home, my mother says that I seem to be ugly. It turns out that there is a scientific basis.

The day before yesterday, the Hualien Earthquake in Taiwan, because the studio was on the 20th floor. At that moment, I was in the dark. The first reaction at that moment was: finished, I went to bed a little yesterday. Is this sudden death?

The Chinese Medical Association published a study on the sleep index of post-90s young people in China in 2018. The report concludes that the post-90s are generally lack of sleep, showing a state of need to toss and turn to fall asleep safely.

Bitter sleep accounted for 29.6%, restless sleep 33.3%, insomnia 12.2%, comfortable sleep 19.4%, and only 5.1% of sleep was in sweet sleep.

The sleep quality of post-90s is disturbed by many factors.

According to the survey, 21.3% of the post-90s born before 1995 were confused by financial burden and work pressure, and 47.5% were confused by the workplace.

11.4% of the post-90s born after 1995 were disappointed in love or emotional setbacks, and 29.7% were irregular in sleep.

The common feature of post-90s generation is anxiety.

Todays young people, while eating takeaway, staying up late, eating toxins, sleep late and make endocrine disorders, is really to fight poison with poison ah.


Staying up late is self-revenge

But dont the late-night party know the dangers?

I dont know if youve ever known a word: staying up late in revenge.

Guan Bo of the peoples daily explained that during the day, some young people choose to stay up late in retaliation because they are constrained by their studies, work and social contact. Retaliatory staying up late is more like a kind of resistance, sacrificing ones health and resisting the discomfort imposed on ones own by family, colleagues, leaders and society, but in fact, it is a kind of helplessness in life.

Seeing this, I cant help feeling sad.

Several friends are night owls. They ask them what they do in the evening. They say they dont go dancing, dont go out to socialize, just brush their mobile phones, and even choose to listen to music in a daze.

In fact, I can understand this feeling very well.

Occasionally, staying up late for revenge can actually make you feel the soul belongs to you, even if your body is very tired.

However, this is also limited to incidents and can not be done in the long run.

Aristotle once said, too much and too little exercise can damage physical strength equally; too much and too little diet can damage health equally; only moderation can produce, improve and maintain physical strength and health.

Staying up late in moderation can actually make your mood happy and your body in a relatively dynamic state.

I dont want to curse everyone who stays up late, because the Student Party and the friends who fall in three shifts cant stay up late.

And what I want to say is, if you can, please sleep well, even if you have no time of your own besides studying and working, dont skimp the sleeping time, because the pleasure of sleeping is not less than revenge staying up late.


Staying up late is a chronic poison

In 2018, a second year medical student died suddenly.

He often works from 5 p.m. to 2 or 3 p.m. on the next day. He is overworked for a long time. He usually works for more than 20 hours on the night shift, while he works on one night shift for five to six days.

But when his circle of friends was announced, it was a shocking scene: overtime, night shift, can not sleep for two hours...

A 20-year-old girl wrote about her terrible experience of sudden cerebral hemorrhage on her microblog.

The CT scan showed multiple bleeding in my brain. The doctor suspected that the rupture of the aneurysm was caused by the rupture of the aneurysm and gave a notice of danger directly.

She paid the price for her unhealthy life, and at this moment, she was lucky to know the importance of a good sleep.

And the tragedy of sudden death by staying up late is always happening:

The well-known game anchor Guwang, who died suddenly at home after a long live broadcast all night, is only 20 years old.

Neteases 28-year-old female editor died of liver cancer because she stayed up late all year writing articles and was overtired.

An employee in Dajiang died of cardiac arrest caused by working late for a long time at the age of 25.