Zhang Hanyus EQ is low? You havent seen his powerful heart

 Zhang Hanyus EQ is low? You havent seen his powerful heart

In the face of a series of sudden extreme situations, Captain Liu Chuanjian calmly responded to a series of epic operations.

Finally, with excellent flight skills and strong psychological quality, Liu Chuanjian brought 119 passengers and all crew back to Chengdu safely.

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Before I saw the movie, I was looking forward to it very much. When I watched it, the whole journey was full of mixed feelings.

Strong psychological quality.

So today, lets see what makes Liu Chuanjian, the captain of China, have a strong psychological quality and create this miracle.

Being yourself, not catering to Liu Chuanjian is a silent person. Silence is a kind of personality, and behind this personality, the representative is generally: not to cater to others, to be yourself. In the film, Zhang Hanyu plays the captain of such a person. He doesnt like to talk. When people greet him, he also responds coldly. When you meet him for the first time, you will feel that he is hard to touch.

Photo Source: Douban, for example, Bi Man, the crew chief played by Yuan Quan, received only a cold response after he first met the captain played by Zhang Hanyu. For this reason, Yuan Quan said to Du Jiang privately, Why is the new captains face so black? Du Jiang looked at Zhang Hanyus face and jokingly said that his expression was even a smile. In fact, he is not intentionally cold-faced, but, his personality is like this. In addition, strict training gave him a high degree of self-discipline, excellent physical quality and iron-like willpower. For example, at the beginning of the film, Zhang Hanyu got up at three oclock in the morning to prepare for takeoff. The first thing is to take a cold shower at the same time. This is to exercise your willpower. If not, maybe there will be no such thing as being conscious and making rational operational decisions quickly at 9800 meters above the ground, when the oxygen mask can not be put on for the first time at several tens of degrees below zero. They are themselves, not catering, stable and firm, have their own views on things, not flashy.

Photo Source: Douban, for example, in the face of Ouhao who loves to play Bao, Zhang Hanyus captain also did not hide his eyes full of disdain, did not take Ouhaos hindrance, did not laugh with Ouhao, so that Ouhao was once very embarrassed. In fact, he was the only person who vomited when he was flying the simulator. He had his own opinion about his basic skills. There are views, so directly expressed, almost no cover up. Being your own person, your heart is always stronger. He is very firm and knows a lot.

Is IQ hostile to EQ?

We often see a lot of bulls with high IQ. They tend to be very cold and have a particularly unpleasant personality.

As if, at the beginning of the film, Zhang Hanyu created the same captain: cold, black face.

Ming Ming is not a bad man, Ming Ming has a loving side: before going out, he also gives eyedrops to the stray dog that he picks up.

However, when faced with other people, it appears that EQ is zero.

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Heres a question. Is IQ antagonistic to EQ?

Wu Zhihong, a famous psychologist, once said that many people who seem to be very successful, that is, people who think they have high IQ, seem to have low EQ.