People with these three characteristics have a small pattern, no hierarchy and a dim future.

 People with these three characteristics have a small pattern, no hierarchy and a dim future.

In addition, parents always think that their children are the smartest, and the mentality of looking forward to their children is constantly implying that we are all the best, making many people pretentious from an early age. For example, the classic line in the name of the people, those children who grow up in superior families, grow up easily to become refined egoist.

Many people grow up, see others better than themselves, than their own success, will feel uncomfortable, how can others be better than me? Subconsciously collect all the clues to deny the success of others, especially like to use objective conditions to strengthen this illusion. For example, good-looking students do not learn well, good-learners are nerds, promotional colleagues are relatives, people who make money have resources at home, and so on.

Therefore, those who often do not admit the excellence of others and try their best to deny the success of others are arrogant, self-deceiving, living in their own world, unwilling to admit that they are ordinary, in the final analysis, unwilling to start from the ordinary, pay hard work, prefer to hide in the virtual world, self-centered, in other words, not growing up, or the mentality of young children, destined to have no pattern. High.

When we were young, we didnt like parents to praise others children. We hated parents to compare others children. Therefore, this shadow cloud of life covers our whole life. Most people suffer not because they are incompetent or poor, but because the people around them are better than themselves.

Many of us, from an early age, have a kind of inexplicable fear, like to mix among classmates, friends and relatives, no acquaintances feel lonely, but afraid that acquaintances mix better than themselves. Growing up, those who cant see others well are doomed to have a low level and a low pattern.

Successful people, on the contrary, will always find the advantages of the people around them. Three people must have our teachers. Not only learn from them, but also be good at advancing this kind of superior resources and transforming them into their own advantages.

People with low levels and no pattern often fall into a misunderstanding: many excellent people, but he is not jealous, because he does not know, he is only jealous of the acquaintances around him, do not want them to succeed, otherwise he will appear low, even at the foot of the trips, stabbing knives behind, all do not want, can not tolerate acquaintances better than their own mixing.

Especially in the workplace, people who are stronger than themselves are not jealous, but colleagues who are a little bit more jealous than themselves, because the strong people have no conflict of interest with themselves, and colleagues around them have interests with themselves, you are stronger than me, I cant stand it. Therefore, such people are only willing to get along with people who are not as good as themselves, hoping that they will be short generals. How can such a person surpass others? He cant even surpass himself.

[3] He likes to preach so as to be a teacher.

Walking in the workplace, those who are successful tend to be low-key and modest, and the rich tend to be stuffy-haired and wealthy. However, we often see a kind of person, especially like to create a sense of superiority for themselves, boast, know everything, understand everything, omnipotent, always tell others the truth of life.

Especially in some middle-aged workers, they are not successful. They always criticize you, educate you, scold you, and let you thank him, because he is for your good, because he is a person who came over, saves you a lot of detours and avoids many pits.

The more people like to give life lessons to others, the less qualified they are to talk about life. Their purpose is not to be good for you, but to adopt such a way of education and teaching, put themselves in an advantageous position, and form a psychological advantage that I am better than you.