Why are honest people not promoted? Dont understand these three hidden rules, do more mistakes and dont reuse them.

 Why are honest people not promoted? Dont understand these three hidden rules, do more mistakes and dont reuse them.

Being willing to help others is a prerequisite as well as a safe boundary. Never help others without principle. As the plane warned, wear your own oxygen mask before helping others.

The rules of the workplace are responsible to the superior. The top supervisor thinks that a competent and excellent subordinate should first see if he can complete his work in quality and quantity. Dont try to be a good old man, let alone try to please everyone. Employees who are flattered by everyone usually dont go far.

Helping others enthusiastically is a good job. Its a natural duty to do your job well. If you cant disperse your energy and do your main job well, your colleagues will praise you again. As long as your supervisor is not satisfied, you will have no more hard work in vain.

[2] People should be prevented from going down to pick peaches.

Guyun: There is no one to till thin fields, but there is competition. In some wasteland, nobody plows, and there is nothing wrong with each other. If you work hard to turn wasteland into a vegetable garden, many people will come to fight for your interests.

In the workplace, there are many people who dont care what happens in peacetime, just come when something good happens, so we must guard against it carefully. For example, if you do something carefully and nobody cares about it, someone will hold you accountable if you do something wrong. As a result, some people go down to pick peaches.

So, even if you do a new project, the more nobody usually helps you, the more careful you are. Especially on the eve of the projects quick success, you must prevent someone from robbing you of your credit, or even kick you out halfway to enjoy your final results. Good things, you do quietly, when you are about to accomplish, to pull up the interests of the big boss bundled, let the big boss to help you stand on the platform.

[3] If you dont understand the intention of your supervisor, you just bury your head in the work.

Fable Story: The leader wants to eat fish. Someone climbs up a tree and sweats with fatigue and fails to catch the fish. Everyone laughed. Fish should be caught in the river. Its foolish to ask for fish by reason of wood.

In fact, there are few things in the workplace that are seeking fish by reason of wood, doing more and making more mistakes? Some employees are just too busy pulling cars to look up at the road.

For example, after the leader arranges the task, you havent made clear the exact intention, or misjudged the intention, so you get into the work one by one. The lighter one is half the effort, the heavier one is the opposite.

Why do we say that there are employees who have less success than more failure in the workplace? This kind of employee is working hard to do what the leader does not want to do, and he can not do the key things that the leader pays attention to.

The harder the employee works, the more foolish he is. When the leader sees him as hard and cant bear to talk about it, he will only arrange him to do some simple and repetitive tasks, which he thinks is not worth reusing.