Liverpools sharpest interview! Van Dyke was asked: Do you like to pick your nose?

 Liverpools sharpest interview! Van Dyke was asked: Do you like to pick your nose?

When asked who is the most famous person in the mobile phone, van Dyck said that uncle slag is the most famous, but when asked to call uncle slag, uncle slag didnt answer van Dycks phone until the end of the interview, so van Dyck had to say to the little fans: he may not want to talk to me, next time I will convey you want to talk to him. Although fan Daike was thrilled by the questions of his fans, he tweeted the video today and said: I really enjoyed the interview!

The interview is as follows:

Fan: Im a little disappointed, because I prefer Salah to be interviewed than you. But it doesnt matter now.

Van Dyke: Thats great.

Little Fan: Whats the experience of being the best defender in the world?

Van Dyke: Everyone thinks differently. If you think Im the best in the world, Im happy, but there will be people who think that others are the best in the world.

Little fan: No, its you.

Van Dyke: These are all personal opinions, so its great if people think that way, but I wont think too much.

Little fan: what are you good at?

Van Dyke: Im good at many things, such as running, especially long-distance running.

Little fan: How happy were you when you won the Champions League?

Van Dyke: Very, very happy!

Little fan: Why are you so good?

Van Dyke: Do you think Im excellent?

Little Fan: No

Van Dyke: Do you think Im not good? Ha-ha-ha, give me a slap.

Little fan: Do you care what others say about you?

Van Dyke: No, not at all. Everyone shouldnt care too much, because everyone in the world can have their own opinions, especially those you dont care about at all. Dont let anyone influence you.

Little fan: Do you pick your nose?

Van Dyck: no! Do you pick your nose?

Little fans: No cuts.

Little fan: Are you itchy?

Van Dyke: I wont tell you. You might scratch me.

Little fan: do you have anything to fear?

Van Dyke: Im afraid of insects, snakes and spiders.

Little fan: Do you have the ultimate team in FIFA?

Van Dyck: of course, I can only tell you about the Liverpool players in my team, Alison, myself, Arnold, vinadoulm, Salah.

Little fan: I have Salah, you and Arnold in the game.

Van Dyke: Liverpool are really good at FIFA. This year is even worse than last year.

Little fan: what do you like most about your work?

Van Dyck: its the same reason you like football.

Little Fan: I thought you would say that you like to direct people the most.

Fan: Who smells the worst in your dressing room?

Van Dyke: To be fair, our dressing room tastes good. I think the perfume we use smells good, so I dont know. I cant answer your question.

Fan: Who is the most famous person in your mobile phone?

Van Dyke: Clop, our coach.

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