Best of the month in the Premier League: klopper is elected for the second time in obamayans career

 Best of the month in the Premier League: klopper is elected for the second time in obamayans career

In August, Klop was the best manager in the Premier League. In September, Liverpool, which he coaches, continued to make great progress and eventually won the honor. In September, Liverpool played four Premier League games, winning 3-0 win over Burnley, 3-1 win over Newcastle, 2-1 win over Chelsea, 1-0 win over Sheffield United, scoring nine goals and only two goals.

Lampard, Eddie Howe and Rogers also did well in leading the team among the best coaching candidates in September, but they were still inferior to Klop. This season, Klop and Liverpool have maintained eight consecutive Premier League wins, and they have won 17 consecutive Premier League wins across the season. Liverpool are eight points ahead of Manchester City in the standings.

This is also the fifth time Croppe has won the best coach in the Premier League. In addition to this seasons two, he previously won the award in September 2016, December 2018 and March 2019. In the next league, Liverpool will challenge Manchester United away and if they win, they will tie Manchester Citys record of 18 consecutive Premier League wins.

Among the candidates for best player of the month, obamayan was the last to laugh. He successfully beat Arnold, debrone, Ricardo Pereira, McGuire, maherez, sun Xinghe and Kalan Wilson. In September, Obamayan played four Premier League matches with Arsenal and scored five goals to help the team achieve a 1-3 draw and remain unbeaten. In September, only Obamayan scored five goals in the Premier League, while others scored fewer.

In Arsenals 2-2 draw at Watford, Obamayan scored two goals by himself. In the North London derby with Spurs, Obamayan scored an important equalizing goal. In Arsenals 3-2 win over Villa, Obamayans last-minute goal helped the Gunners get the key three points. In Manchester Uniteds 1-1 Arsenal game, Obamayans goal helped the team equalize the score. In adversity, Obamayan always stands up.

In October 2018, Obamayan also won the Premier League Player of the Month. So this is the second time in Obamayans career that he has won the Premier League Player of the Month award. In the history of Arsenal, only five people can do this, the first four are Bergkamp (4 times), Henry (4 times), Van Persie (3 times) and Fabregas (2 times).

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