The worst draw in history? 90percent possession + 21-1 shooting is 1-1

 The worst draw in history? 90percent possession + 21-1 shooting is 1-1

In strength, the Netherlands is far ahead of Kosovo. In FIFAs mens adult national team, the Netherlands ranks 13th, while Kosovo ranks only 119th, which indirectly reflects the huge gap in the strength of the two national youth teams. The Netherlands took a 1-0 lead in the 10th minute of the game. Then, the game gradually entered the rhythm of the Dutch team, Kosovos players barely touch the ball.

Just when people thought the Netherlands was going to kill, the Kosovo team began to defend with all their will. Almost all of them were in their own half. Everyone was desperate to intercept the attack of the Netherlands. Kosovos goalkeeper, Rijad Bytyqi, held back the Netherlandsshots time and again. Throughout the match, the Netherlands scored 21 times, eight times and only one goal.

The whole Dutch team went into the offensive, even the central defender ran into Kosovos restricted area. Football is round, and the Netherlands ultimately paid for their carelessness and arrogance. In the 69th minute, Kosovo seized their only chance to score, which was their only shot in the whole game. The score was rewritten to 1-1. In the next 20 minutes, the Netherlands overwhelmed, but could not break the door. The game ended 1-1.

Lets take a look at the technical statistics after the match. The Netherlands is in the best position: possession rate, 90% to 10%; shooting, 21 to 1; shooting, 8 to 1; shooting deviation, 9 to 0; shot blocked times, 4 to 0; corners, 6 to 2... The game has been played in this way, and the Dutch team cant win it. They all want to die.

Mischa Visser, the Dutch coach, was ready to cry without tears. He praised Kosovos goalkeeper as a hero. The people of Kosovo should erect a statue for him: He will have a statue in Kosovo. They were only 16 years old, but they built double-decker buses in the restricted area. We cant get through their defense. I think we played well, we just didnt concentrate at some point.

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