Warm-up - Tonglei World Bochen Binbin Made Oolong Guoao 2-0 Indonesia 2 successive wins

 Warm-up - Tonglei World Bochen Binbin Made Oolong Guoao 2-0 Indonesia 2 successive wins

On October 13, at 19:35, the National Olympic Team played against Saudi Arabia.

All the teams in the Wanzhou Four Nations Championship are from Asia. Except the Chinese U22 team, the other four teams are the same age teams of Jordan, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Hao Wei scored a good start in his coaching debut with the Olympic teams opening 2-0 victory over Jordan. Compared with the Sino-covenant war, Hao Wei adopted another line-up, with all 11 starters rotating.

[Brilliant moment

In the 6th minute, Mira broke through in the middle of the road and Jiang Shenglong fouled in the back court. Gu Chun, the referee, showed a yellow card.

In the 11th minute, Abhiman crossed the corner from the right, Andy Nugroho nodded his header and shot over the crossbar.

In the 16th minute, Tian Xins free kick from the left side missed the left pillar and Guoao finished his first shot.

In the 23rd minute, Lin Liangming grabbed the left road, Wang Haitao fell to the ground and shifted, Tonglei volleyed 30 meters away from the back of his feet, hitting the ball on the beam along the pop-up bottom line.

In the 25th minute, Abhiman dropped the ball in the middle circle and Andica pushed it to the left corner of the penalty area to shoot low and was confiscated by Zhang Yan.

In the 36th minute, the line of the restricted area on Tongleis right side was done by itself, and Wang Haitao pushed the front of the arc top above the crossbeam.

In the 41st minute, Lavris right rib returned and Mira fired an anti-aircraft gun 30 meters away.

In the 42nd minute, Abu Du Heimiti broke through on the right side of the midline, and Mira ate the yellow card with a shovel from behind.

In the 47th minute, Wu Weizhong passed directly, Tian Xin fired from the right side of the arc top, and Venata fell to the ground and confiscated the ball.

In the 49th minute, Li Yangs midfielder shoveled the sole of his shoes down and Gu Chunhan showed the yellow card again.

The 52nd minute, Huang Zhengyus right corner pass, Hu Jinghang header in front of the goal, Venata magically saved the ball.

In the fifty-fifth minute, Huang Zhengyus right corner pass, Jiang Shenglong jumped high in front of the gate to attack the goal and was thrown out by Venata. Jiang Shenglongs follow-up shot was sealed off the bottom line.

In the 57th minute, Huang Zhengyus right corner kick, Li Yang nodded ahead and rubbed behind, Iliattus barb was not kicked far, Tong Leis arc top front outside instep shot into the world wave, Guoao 1-0 leading!

Fifty-eighth minute, the right inverted triangle of the Bahar Forbidden Zone returned, and Fatzs close projection deflected from the right column.

In the 64th minute, Duan Liu Yus arc top was pressed to the left and then rubbed away from the far angle.

In the 67th minute, Chen Binbins right free kick was passed into the restricted area, Andica headed the ball and set himself free. Guoao took the lead 2-0.

In the 70th minute, Chen Binbins right hand pass, Zhang Yunings door ejects the bomb and the earth is confiscated by vinata.

In the 71st minute, Duan Liu Yu crossed 45 degrees on the right road, and Zhang Yuning shook his head in front of the restricted area and attacked the door, which was taken by Venata.

In the 77th minute, Hu Jinghangs right rib passed across the midfield, and Chen Pus arc top shot was higher than the lintel.

In the 80th minute, the right arm was injured when Chen Pumen, a substitute, grabbed a shot in front of the door, and then came off for treatment.

In the 85th minute, Zhang Yuning obliquely plugged the ball at the top of the arc, and Chen Binbins left rib exploded above the beam.

In the third minute, Harris broke through in the middle circle, Jiang Shenglong blocked the foul, and two yellow cards were sent off, leaving only nine people to fight in the National Olympic Games. It is worth mentioning that the IOC players have been red before the end of two consecutive games.

Finally, the National Olympic Games won Indonesia 2-0.

[Both sides lineup

Guoao, China (4231): 31 Zhang Yan (4630-edison Li); 3 Huang Zhengyu (7517-feng Boxuan), 5 Li Yang (5913-wei Zhen), 4 Jiang Shenglong, 29 abbudu haimiti (5911-chen Binbin); 6 Wu Wei (5921-chen PU), 23 Wang Haitao (3716-zhang yuan) (5919-huang Cong); 7 Lin Liangming (5924-duan Liuyu), 15 Tian Xin (599-zhang Yuning), 2- Tong Lei; 25-Xieweijun (4610-Hu Jinghang); No substitute: 8-Weilai, 18-Congzhen Indonesia (4141): 30-Venata; 11-Andica (7325-Rumakiko), 2-Andy-Nugroho (905-Bagascar-Nugroho), 4-Harris, 14-Bahar; 13-Iriatu (737-Bahar Sakhan); 18-Mira (7328-Rigo), 17-Abimann, 23- Fatz (6120-Torib), 10-Vickery; 27-Lavri; Unavailable Substitutes: 1-Riyandi, 6-Semima, 8-Sulamman, 15-Sukiyantulu, 19-Sukamatu, 21-Putula, 26-Jin: Netease Sports Author: Ding Xu Responsible Editor: Zhang Zenong_NS5732

China Olympic Games (4231): 31-Zhang Yan (4630-Li Guanxi); 3-Huang Zhengyu (7517-Feng Boxuan), 5-Li Yang (5913-Wei Zhen), 4-Jiang Shenglong, 29-Abu Duhai Miti (5911-Chen Binbin); 6-Wu Wei (5921-Chen Pu), 23-Wang Haitao (3716-Zhangyuan) (5919-Huangcong); 7-Lin Liangming (5924-segment Liu Yu), 15-Tianxin (599-2), Zhang Yuning.- Tong Lei; 25-Xie Weijun (4610-Hu Jinghang);

Unattended Substitutes: 8-Wei Lai and 18-Cluster Earthquakes

Indonesia (4141): 30-Venata; 11-Andica (7325-Rumakiko), 2-Andy-Nugroho (905-Vargas-Nugroho), 4-Harris, 14-Bahar; 13-Iriatu (737-Bahar Sakhan); 18-Mira (7328-Rigo), 17-Abimanyu, 23-Faz (6120-Torrib), 10-Vickery; 27-Raffari;

Unplayed substitutes: 1-Riyandi, 6-Semima, 8-Sulamman, 15-Sukiyantulu, 19-Sukamutu, 21-Putula, 26-Jin