Several Hong Kong businessmen were blackmailed and asked to use Bitcoin to aid violent demonstrations

 Several Hong Kong businessmen were blackmailed and asked to use Bitcoin to aid violent demonstrations

Hong Kong police held a regular press conference on the afternoon of October 11. The police revealed that some businessmen had been blackmailed and asked to pay in Bitcoin to help violent demonstrations to atone.

According to the Hong Kong Police Facebook account, Chief Police Officer Jiang Yongxiang of the Police Public Relations Section pointed out that at the beginning of this month, the police received four reports from merchants that they received faxes and e-mails in late September to extort money from them.

The senders claimed that they were an alliance for the protection of democracy and freedom in Hong Kong. They knew that the businessmen concerned had different opinions on the demonstrations, criticized them for undermining democracy and freedom in Hong Kong, demanded that the businessmen concerned pay through the Bitcoin platform, and aiding the violent demonstrations should be regarded as atonement.

Senders claimed that if the merchants didnt give money, they would be punished. They also sent videos of thugs destroying the shops in the past few weeks in the form of attachments in blackmail.

Screen shot of police Conference

Jiang Yongxiang said that the relevant cases are not single events and the situation is worrying. The police pay close attention to these cases and have begun to investigate them and set up a special reporting line for citizens to report such cases.

In addition, Jiang Yongxiang said that in early October, rioters illegally intercepted different vehicles on the roads in all districts of Hong Kong and forced inspections of drivers and passengerspersonal belongings, including mobile phones, which caused considerable panic among the public. Police have stepped up patrols on related incidents, and will resolutely enforce the law if illegal roadblocks are found.

Police intercepted an illegal roadblock near Xinxu Station of Light Rail in Tuen Mun District on the evening of October 7. Nine men and one woman, aged between 15 and 27, were arrested on charges of illegal assembly, using masks while in illegal assembly, hiding offensive weapons and obstructing police officers from performing their duties.

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