Whats the first name of Chinas Mars Explorer Shinrong?

 Whats the first name of Chinas Mars Explorer Shinrong?

After the exposure of the Mars probe model, it immediately triggered a heated discussion among netizens:

In addition to exaggeration, netizens are most concerned about its name.

China will launch Mars probe next year

According to Academician Ye Peijian, chief scientist of space science and deep space exploration at the Chinese Academy of Space Technology, China will launch a Mars probe next year and plan to land on Mars in 2021. Chinas Mars probe is tentatively named Mars I.

It is reported that there will be a Mars lunar washout every 26 months. At that time, the sun, the earth and Mars will be in a straight line. At this time point, Mars exploration will be carried out, and the probe will fly the shortest route and save fuel. The closest window to the current time is 2020, so Chinas Mars exploration mission also aims at this window.

Data Map: Academician Ye Peijian

Ye Peijian revealed that the current Mars exploration mission is proceeding in an orderly manner, and all the work is moving forward.

Our first Mars exploration mission will complete a three-stepcircling tourat one time. First, we need to be able to make global observations of the entire planet; secondly, we need to land on Mars; and thirdly, we need Mars Rovers to drive out and survey Mars. There are many difficulties. If it is done, it will be the first time in the world to achieve three goals in one task. The realization of this project is a great innovation. Ye Peijian said.

u25b3 Mars (data map)

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