The dead 30 years ago returned from an important conference in Beidaihe

 The dead 30 years ago returned from an important conference in Beidaihe

The first young man in the village to go to university in Beijing, after graduation, entered a foreign affairs unit to work, but suddenly disappeared, no news, villagers think he drowned to death.

However, 30 years later, due to an important meeting in Beidaihe, the deceased came back...

Recently, the Ministry of National Security adapted the film Fox Hunting based on real cases to pay tribute to the national security officers who raced against time and fought against evil to the end.u2014u2014

An excellent Hunter often has keen insight and accurate judgment, quickly catches doubts and grasps the enemys key points.

Liu Mudong is such a fox hunter.

In 1990, Zhang Wei, who worked in a foreign affairs unit, leaked a large number of state secrets to foreign countries, but he was nowhere to be found.

Liu Mudong, a retired national security policeman, is grieved by the unsolved old case.

In addition to name and place of origin, suspects are not wired, and even files are destroyed.

In order to find out the disappeared spy, Liu Mudong read all the birth information from 1967 to 1969 and the college entrance examination information from 1983 to 1985 in Hebei Province, visiting each household and inquiring by telephone.

Eventually, the target was Zhang Wei of Beidaihe Village, a man everyone thought he was dead.

Until the day of the meeting, several mysterious couriers appeared in a dormitory, and a suspect from abroad came into the eyes of the National Security Police.

Mobile phones, electronic components... The purpose is to get information about this meeting.

Can these couriers be the key clues to solving the case?

However, the suspect is far more cunning than imagined. When he found out that he was positioned, he once set up a false impression, which made the tracking of the national security officers lose a lot.

But Liu Mudong, on the other side, judged that the suspect was probably Zhang Wei, who had been squatting for many years, based on the fragmentary information obtained from his conversation with the masses.

Sure enough, after getting rid of the tracing of the national security police, Zhang Wei returned to his home to catch a glimpse of the old father he had not seen in 30 years and was captured by Liu Mudong, who was squatting there.

This is Liu Mudongs last case before he retired.

Concealed front work, some need to continue for several years, more than a decade, and some even need to pay several generations of efforts, not just one person can complete. A qualified national security policeman once said, A qualified national security policeman needs not only team fighting, but also absolute loyalty to the Party, capable and expert, willing to be an unknown hero.

On the concealed front, they are always anonymous; on the battlefield without smoke of gunpowder, they are brave warriors who dare to dance on the sharp edge of the knife; on the important moment of safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests, they are God-sent soldiers who frighten the concealed enemy. They are the national security officers.u2014u2014

The loyal guard of the Party and the people.

Our predecessors fought in bloody battles, which made the enemy afraid; our new generation of national security officers will also be vigorous soldiers and horses, which will stop the enemy and become loyal guards that the Party and the people will always trust!

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