Coles Comment on NBA Events: Nobody in China will ask me about American shootings

 Coles Comment on NBA Events: Nobody in China will ask me about American shootings

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Cole said again: The Chinese wont ask me why the Americans are shooting AR-15 in the mall (Source: Netease Video)

Cole responded positively to Trumps accusation that he was scared like a little boy the previous day, comparing him with previous presidents and calling Trumps daily tragedy a circus show.

On the 10th, Cole attended the pre-match press conference/ICPhoto

NBA events, no further comment

Cole is as cautious as ever about recent NBA events. When asked if Morey should resign, Cole said he refused to answer the question.

Asked what he thought about it, Cole said, Actually, I didnt... This is a very strange international story. Many of us dont know what to do. Ive seen something about it like everyone else, but I wont comment further.

For all of us, this is definitely a tough situation, he added. I have been to China twice in the past two years, once with the Warriors and once with the USA. Basketball is very popular there, so in my opinion, the NBA has done a lot of good things, such as bringing the people of the world together. The game itself is to help unite, and I think its important.

All of a sudden, political and business forces pushed us in the middle. To be honest, we really dont know what to do. So we are asked this question here. I have done a lot of research in the past few days. Ive also learned more about whats happening on both sides. One of the things Ive learned is that there are many perspectives on this issue, depending on how you look at it.

On domestic issues, Cole is often outspoken. He has always been a critic of gun violence, and often accuses the U.S. government of inaction in gun control, which makes him contradict Trump and many conservatives.

When asked by reporters whether anyone had asked about human rights during his visit to China, Cole also cited the issue of firearms in the United States as an example.

Cole responded that no human rights questions had been asked in China. Then added: our record of human rights violations has not been mentioned. You know, the things we need to focus on and solve in our country have not been asked. We are not perfect, we all have different things to solve.

As an American, its my right to say that. But that doesnt mean I hate my country, it means I want to solve problems. The Chinese will not ask me about the killing of each other in the mall with ar-15s. No one ever asked me this question.

We can take out a map of the world and point out the problems that exist everywhere. The world is very complex, not black or white, but more gray. I know that black and white are popular nowadays. You are either a good man or a devil. Its easy to do things in this way, but its not realistic.

Responding to Trump: Yesterday I was the shining target.

In the United States, the NBAs China-related fouls show a familiar style of tearing each other.

Trump did not respond positively when he first talked about the NBA incident on the 9th, but he used Cole as a target, saying that Cole, who had previously said no comment, was afraid to answer questions.

On the 10th, Cole joked that he came on a tricycle and satirized Trumps little boy.

He also told reporters: Its really amazing, but mainly because of me. And then you stop and think, every day, its just one of those days. Yesterday I was the shining target, and today there will be another one. There will be a new one tomorrow. Its strange that the circus will go on, but its really happening.

Comparing trump with his predecessors, he recalled: last night I was thinking about the difference between what happened in these 35 years. Dont think about which side you are on in politics or political parties, just because you are American. This position has such dignity and respect that it comes from both the visitors and the people sitting in it. Its just sad. Its going to collapse. Thats how we live now.

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