The death of the first man in space walk has always been concerned about Chinas space industry

 The death of the first man in space walk has always been concerned about Chinas space industry

DATA FIGURE: On March 18, 1965, Leonov, wearing a white spacesuit, made his first extravehicular space flight.

Alexei Leonov, First Man of the Space Walk (Russian Satellite News Agency)

Overseas Network, Oct. 11, according to Russian Satellite News Agency, 11 news, Soviet astronaut Alexei Leonov died at the age of 85. On March 18, 1965, Leonov, dressed in a white spacesuit, first flew out of the capsule 5.3 meters, becoming the first person to walk in space.

The Press Office of the Russian Astronaut Training Center said that Alexei Leonovs farewell and funeral would be held at a cemetery in Medici on October 15.

Leonov was born in 1934 in Kremlovo, Russia, and joined the army in 1953. He likes science fiction works, especially Soviet rocket expert Ziorkovskys Outside the Earth, which arouses his strong curiosity about the description of outer space. So when the Soviet space agency recruited astronauts again, he did not hesitate to sign up. Because of his excellent conditions, Leonov became a glorious astronaut in 1960.

In March 1965, Leonov became the first person in the world to walk in space. The spacewalk lasted 12 minutes, during which his suit expanded and he had to lower the pressure inside the suit in order to return to storage.

Leonov (Peoples Network reporter Qu Haiqi)

According to Peoples Network in 2015, Leonov had been to China as early as the Soviet Union. In 1989, he visited China for the first time at the invitation of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology. During his visit, he visited Beijing, Shanghai and Sichuan, and was awarded the title of honorary citizen of Chengdu. Leonov has always been concerned about Chinas aerospace industry, and praised Chinas achievements in the field of aerospace. Many countries are now exploring space, but only three countries have their own spaceships, their own systems and their own astronauts, including China, he said.

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