Rollover of Wuxi Viaduct: Less than three seconds between life and death, people have tried to rescue

 Rollover of Wuxi Viaduct: Less than three seconds between life and death, people have tried to rescue

At about 18:10 pm on October 10, 2019, at K135 National Highway 312 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, three people were killed and two injured in a bridge overturning accident on Xigang Road. The official micro-blog Wuxi Publication of Wuxi Municipal Government Information Office released news in the early morning of October 11. After preliminary analysis, the accident was caused by overloading of transport vehicles.

The victims of the accident were a mother and daughter and a single father.

Falling: The bridge overturned with a loud crash behind it

A traffic recorder of a passing vehicle captured the instant of the accident.

Traffic recorder pictures show that some vehicles are turning left under the bridge into the lane, the whole bridge deck fell instantly, and many vehicles were pressed down. After the accident, a blue vehicle was preparing to enter the accident location. The driver braked urgently and got off and ran backwards to avoid it. A red truck was suspected on the falling bridge deck.

A tricycle was almost hit by a falling bridge deck. 1, 2... Video footage showed that less than three seconds after the bridge overturned, the man jumped out of the dangerous area. The bridge roared down behind it.

According to Volkswagen. com, the tricycle driver in the video said that he happened to ride past and saw the traffic lights showing yellow lights. He wanted to rush across the intersection when the yellow lights turned to red lights. He braked slowly and saw that the bridge deck collapsed to the ground. Part of the bridge fell on the front half of the tricycle, and the windshield was smashed. He jumped out of the bicycle and then rescued on the spot. Personnel pushed the tricycle off the bridge.

See three cars on the deck hit the pavement under the bridge along with the deck, including a semi-trailer. The driver said that he had been pulling goods. After the accident, he escaped from the accident and the whole people were paralyzed. After seeing his friends passing by, he helped him contact his family. At 10 pm, his cousin took him back. The family was very happy for him and set off firecrackers at home. In an interview, passers-by around the city lamented that the tricycle driver was very lucky. They also said, You can buy lottery tickets, which is the luckiest one.

A yellow car was crushed at the scene of the accident. Video screenshots

When the accident happened, the residents around the building felt the first vibration.

On the evening of October 11, Ms. Zhang, a resident of the neighborhood where the accident happened, told the Beijing news that she was waiting for the elevator at the time of the accident, when she suddenly felt the building shaking.

It lasted about 5 seconds. At first, I thought it was an earthquake and the building shook. Ms. Zhang said.

Another nearby resident, Mr. Zhang, recalled that when the bridge rolled over, his family could feel the obvious shock: It was like an earthquake, shaking.

Affected by the accident, traffic in the vicinity was obviously blocked. Soon, nearby roads turned red on electronic maps to indicate congestion.

The accident was so sudden that it only shocked the citizens.

Witness Mr. Ma told the Beijing News that before the incident, at about 5:50, he just rode an electric bicycle under the bridge and came home. He saw the news that the bridge collapsed on his mobile phone: I was frightened and thought someone was spoofing it.

Mr. Zhang then rushed to the scene and saw the bridge roll over from the northwest to the southeast.

The overturned bridge is about 5 meters high. Video shows that the rollover bridge is a two-lane bridge, about 80 meters long. It just crossed the Xisha Road from left to right and hit the road below. There are five cars on the bridge deck from east to west. The eastmost side is a car, followed by a car full of steel coils and an empty freight car in the middle.

According to Mr. Zhang, there are three cars under pressure. At the time of the incident, the straight way of Xisha road under the bridge was red and the left turn was green. The vehicle was pressed on the way from Xisha road to the left turn under the bridge. A video provided by the rescuers confirmed the incident.

Scene of rescue.

Search and rescue: Someone shouted, Is there anybody in the car?

The first people who tried to rescue were the passing citizens of Wuxi.

Mr. Ma said that he rode an electric bicycle back to the site of the accident. There were crowded people on both sides of the bridge. Rescue workers had not yet arrived. Some men greeted passers-by for help, and many enthusiasts were eager to save people. But they had no tools in their hands. They had to stop. The car was pressed under the bridge and showed its head. I approached several men and shouted. There was no response in the car.

Mr. Ma said that the bridge seemed to have been cut with a knife and there was not much rubble around it. Someone shouted Be careful of the second collapse to remind the people around him, and he retreated.

Mr. Ma told the Beijing News that there were many iron and steel processing enterprises around, and many people came from these companies: They were frightened and worried that something had happened to their cars.

Twenty minutes after the incident, rescue forces from all sides arrived one after another, and cordons were raised around them, and onlookers were evacuated one after another.

Workers of Wuxi Fire Rescue Detachment told Beijing News that after the incident, the detachment sent rescue forces to the scene, and is currently in the process of intensive rescue.

At about 21 oclock on October 10, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the Emergency Management Bureau of Wuxi that after the accident, the Department sent staff and rescue workers to the scene for disposal.

The rescue scene of the overturning accident of Wuxi viaduct in Jiangsu Province was photographed on October 11. Photo Source: Xinhua News Agency

Dismantling: Large-scale equipment entering the site to smash concrete

After the accident, the local dispatch of large lifting equipment to participate in rescue.

At about 3:00 on October 11, the reporter of Beijing News saw that the cordon around the scene of the accident was pulled up, and rescue vehicles and firefighters were in the process of construction rescue. The overturned bridge is a single pier bridge. The overturned bridge deck is uneven and uneven. There is no big break in the whole. The street lamp is inclined. The freight cars carrying steel coils and other vehicles on the bridge deck are mostly cleared from the scene. The vehicles under the bridge are no longer shape-aware. The blocking and steel coils on the north side of the bridge are scattered on one side. Fire departments are rescuing. ?

In addition, a white car was crushed under the bridge, and the front part of the car was crushed dead by the bridge that rolled northward. The crane on site is still cleaning a car on the bridge deck, but four coils of steel are still scattered in the green belt nearby.

A rescue worker at the scene said that in order to prevent the secondary injury caused by the continuous rollover of the bridge, several trucks were organized to fill the two ends of the south side of the rollover bridge: use soil to lift the bridge, so as not to fall down and hit people again.

On the north side of the overturning bridge, four excavators operate simultaneously, smashing the concrete of the bridge deck.

At about 4:00 on October 11, firefighters cut a hole with a tool to lift a person trapped in the car. Subsequently, the person was taken away by an emergency vehicle.

At about 15 oclock on October 11, the medical staff of the East Hospital District of Wuxi Second Hospital introduced to the reporters of the Beijing News that the hospital was treating three wounded people at that time. One of the men was crushed under a bridge when the accident happened and died after being sent to the emergency room. Another truck driver on the bridge was staying in hospital for observation, and another was hospitalized.

Scene of rescue.

Family members of the victims: Thats the only way for her to get off work.

The accident resulted in three deaths and two injuries.

The three victims were a pair of mother and daughter, whose mothers surname was Gao, and a single father, surnamed Wang.

Ms. Gao and her daughter were killed in a yellow car. On October 11, Ms. Gaos uncle, Mr. Wang, said that the time of the incident should be when Ms. Gao took over her daughter from work and went home from school. The incident is the only way. Ms. Gaos aunt said that at present, family members have been informed that they are dealing with related matters, and the specific situation is not easy to disclose.

Ms. Gaos neighbour told the Beijing News that Ms. Gao was in her 30s and usually spoke less. She worked in a kindergarten and the girls were five or six years old. She didnt expect any accidents.

After the incident, Ms. Gaos family, accompanied by the police, went home to pick up things. Some relatives had red and swollen eyes. When the family members left, there was only barking dogs in the room.

Another victim, Wang Mou, was killed in a white car. He was a single father and had a daughter in junior three.

Residential property workers told Xinjing News that on the evening of the incident, Wangs daughter could not wait for her father to come home and asked the attendants at the door if they saw her fathers car: She said that at 6:04, she called his father, and his father said that she would be back soon. Later I couldnt get through. She couldnt wait for her to come here and ask.

On October 11, Wangs neighbour told the Beijing News that Wang was a Sichuan native who worked as a manager in a machine tool manufacturing company and had lived in Wuxi for many years. On the evening of the incident, Wangs daughter saw her fathers license plate in the video of the scene of the incident and cried bitterly. She was once unstable and depressed and refused to eat. Relatives and neighbours came to comfort her.

Family members of drivers involved: There is hardly no overload in our business.

On the evening of October 11, journalists from the Beijing News came to the East Hospital of the Second Peoples Hospital of Wuxi. According to the medical staff, there are currently two wounded in hospital for treatment, one of them is less injured, currently stay in hospital observation, the other is seriously injured, is currently in intensive care unit.

Reporters from the Beijing News saw several families of the injured at the door of the intensive care unit. They said that it was Wang Mou, the truck driver carrying the steel coils, who lived in the intensive care unit.

Wangs relatives introduced that he was from Yancheng. His parents worked in the family and he was the only son of the family.

Wang Mou, 37, has a daughter in junior high school. That night, Wang Mous wife first received a call from the police. After learning about his accident, relatives came from their homes, but at that time Wang Mou had been sent to ICU ward: Diagnosis of his brain injury, lung injury, lumbar fracture. He has been lying in the ICU since he started his hair and has not undergone surgery yet.

New Beijing News reporter learned from the doctor that Wangs vital signs are fairly stable. Experts from Nanjing, Shanghai and other places have been invited to consult and study the treatment plan.

Wang Mous transportation company often runs short distances, and his driving route is relatively fixed. Usually, goods are transported from Jiangyin port to Wuxi factory.

Wangs relatives introduced that Wang had been driving for about 10 years, and had changed to do other things because of his poor health. In recent years, he had been a driver again.

Mr. Xu, Wangs uncle, told the Beijing News that Wang had just changed from another company to a logistics company this year, earning more than 10,000 yuan a month: As a driver, you can drive any car and pull any goods according to your boss. Im also a truck driver. Theres almost no overload in our business.

In addition, the Beijing News reporter learned from the medical staff that another injured person was an empty truck driver who was closely behind Wang Mous car. He suffered head and leg injuries. He is currently in hospital in the emergency observation room and is not in danger of life.

Overload: 5 28-ton coils exceed 100 tons

How much cargo does that van carry?

The official micro-blog Wuxi Publication of Wuxi Municipal Government Information Office released news in the early morning of October 11. After preliminary analysis, the accident was caused by overloading of transport vehicles.

A picture confirmed by rescuers at the scene showed that the rolled truck was carrying hot rolled coils, and one of the rolled certificates showed that the quality of the rolled coils was 28535 kg. The reporter of Beijing News saw five steel coils of the same size on the spot. According to a practitioner in Wuxi steel industry, the weight of this type of coil is usually about 28 tons.

According to the Highway Management Regulations for Over-limit Transportation Vehicles issued by the Ministry of Transport in 2017, the total quality of vehicles and goods of vehicles with six or more axles is over 49 tons, all of which belong to over-limit. If calculated on the basis of 28 tons per volume, the cargo on board will be at least 140 tons.

A staff member of the Public Affairs Office of Rizhao Iron and Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd. admitted that the steel coils scattered at the site of the collapse of the bridge in Wuxi were produced by the company. But it said it was not clear about the purchasing company and the convoy. He explained that because sunshine is near the sea, shipping is very convenient. Shipment is usually carried by sea, not by land directly from sunshine. A reporter from the Beijing News asked where the nearest unloading port would be if Wuxi purchased from the company. He said that customers usually designate convenient unloading places.

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