NBA Shanghai Grass End: Scores do not matter where the future is going?

 NBA Shanghai Grass End: Scores do not matter where the future is going?

The Shanghai competition, which broke through the storm, ended in a rolling wind and rain. Nobody cared about the result of the competition. Everyone just cared about it. What will happen next?

Rockets General Manager Morey triggered the crisis, wrote a comma in a low-key, leaving a question mark.

The torrential Huangpu River witnessed a story once again.

In the busy days, thousands of people were empty lanes.

In 2002, basketball in Shanghai was a year of special significance.

In the CBA finals of 2001-2002, Shanghai team won the championship for the only time in the history of Ningbo basketball team. Ningbo Yagor Stadium has become a stage for Shanghai team carnival. Years later, the big picture of Shanghai team celebrating the championship still hangs at the entrance of Luwan Stadium.

After winning the championship, Yao Ming took part in the NBA draft. NBA President David Stern announced that Yao Ming became the number one player that year. The Houston Rockets chose him. At that time, the general manager was Dawson, and his assistant was Murray.

In 2004, in view of Yaos tremendous influence in China, the NBA decided to play two pre-season matches in China, in Shanghai and Beijing. When Stern came home with Yao Ming and Liu Wei, who had trained with the King, he never imagined that the super event, which would later be 200 million dollars in size, would start with rockets, decline with rockets, make a good start in Shanghai, but almost end without disease in Shanghai.

At that time, the NBA Shanghai Tournament was not too much to describe. Fans from all over the country came to Shanghai to see Yao Ming. It was really hard to get a ticket.

Riverside Story, to be continued

Now when I think back to that years China match, its definitely a big event in Shanghai beach. Media coverage is overwhelming, from dedicated flooring to logistical support to cheerleading, every detail is not let go. Later, China tournament came to Shanghai every year, and things slowly faded.

As the host, Yao Ming held a banquet at the Peace Hotel on the Huangpu River to entertain his teammates. He introduced them to Chinese food culture and Shanghai customs, which amazed his teammates.

Since then, the Peace Hotel has had an indissoluble bond with the NBA China Tournament.

In the 2015 China Tournament, two weak brigade clippers and the Hornets participated, but Jordan, the owner of the Hornets, appeared in Shanghai, which undoubtedly became the biggest attraction. Since that year, the NBA China Tournament has witnessed a blowout, the number of sponsors has increased dramatically, a large number of stars appeared, ticket prices have doubled, and the China Tournament has become an entertainment party.

That year, in the hearts of Chinese fans, two godlike figures, Jordan and Yao Ming, jointly appeared in the arena and received cheers from fans.

Who had expected that in just a few years, the Rockets might lose this treatment forever and never have the chance to play in Shanghai again?

In 2017, the NBA China Tournament again ushered in a strong match, with the Warriors battling the Timberwolves.

Due to the high popularity of Curie, Thompson, Durant and other people in China, the warriors are becoming the favorite of Chinese fans, and they are catching up with the Rockets. In the match of that day, the fans who priced 800 yuan could not buy 3000 yuan of tickets. The fans wearing Curie jerseys were swarming around the stadium, and the warriors every move in the stadium might attract cheers.

But Yao Ming was not seen on the court.

In March of this year, Yao Ming was elected president of the Chinese Basketball Association, which has been officially coloured ever since.

As an NBA celebrity, he was elected to the NBA Hall of Fame this year, which is the highest honor of the NBA.

In 2014, David Stern retired and his successor became Xiao Hua. When Xiao Hua handed over his Hall of Fame certificate to Yao Ming, people saw the bright future of cooperation between the two groups.

Yao clearly did not appear in the arena, but before that, Yao invited Xiao Hua and others at the Peace Hotel.

Clear distinction between public and private is the Chinese way of hospitality and Yao Mings principle of handling affairs.

In 2018, Ding Yanyuhang, the main Chinese player in the NBA China Tournament, sent Dallas Lone Ranger. For the same reason, Yao Ming still did not appear in the arena, but still received Xiao Hua and had a very happy conversation.

There is only river, no language flowing east

The NBA still has great expectations for China. For this Chinese game, they chose the Lakers team led by LeBron James, who is very popular in China. His opponent Nets team is led by old partner Owen, and the owner is Cai Chongxin, who is also Chinese. In addition, before the start of the season, the Lakers introduced Dengmei Davis, which caused a great deal of trouble six months ago. Note.

The NBAs efforts have also paid off, with 25 sponsors for the China Games, most of them Chinese companies, with a total sponsorship of $200 million.

Its NBA China that plays the Chinese tournament.

At the 2004 China Games, NBA Asia was in charge, headquartered in Hong Kong, China, with an office in Beijing with only a few staff members. Nowadays, NBA China has built its branches in Hong Kong, China, Beijing, Shanghai and other places, with more than 200 personnel. NBA Chinas revenue reaches 1.2 billion US dollars. With the revenue of its products, it is estimated that the annual revenue of NBA in China reaches 4 billion US dollars, and they make money by singing.

But things suddenly changed overnight, CCTV and Tencent stopped broadcasting, sponsors were withdrawn, and there will be a series of problems to be solved. If it cant be solved properly in the end, where will NBA China go?

The NBA Shanghai tournament ended in a hurry, and the Shenzhen tournament is still unknown. After the hustle and bustle, walking on the breezy Bund and recalling the magical Peace Hotel, will there be any miracle after this suspenseful night?

The Huangpu River is quiet and speechless.

Source: Author of Qilu Evening News: Liu Ruiping, responsible editor: Gong Hao_NB12610