What exactly is Moreys political plot?

 What exactly is Moreys political plot?

Morey is a very Twitter-loving person, who has sent 9405 tweets in 11 years (not to mention deleting content). As a high-powered general manager, he is already talking. Most of the time, he talks about basketball, rockets, data and his own work.

Since Trump came to power, more and more players and coaches in the NBA have been keen to make political comments and create a lot of public opinion, but Morey has never been involved.

That was in 2015, after the Rockets won the second round of the playoffs, the official launched a combination of facial symbols for shooting ponies, which literally means ponies, with the slogan Shh! Close your eyes and it will be over soon. This action directly hit the minefield of the U.S. gun problem, which eventually led to the firing of the rockets official push operator and an apology.

By October 5 this year, Morey in Japan had unexpectedly published a tweet in support of Hong Kong Freedom. Although it was quickly deleted, the consequences had far outweighed those of Twitter, which mocked the lone ranger, until now, the rocket had no substantive treatment of Morey.

After the incident, Morey did not completely stay away from Twitter, on the contrary, he must log in every day to see what happened.

After October 7, Morey did not speak again.

Didnt he know that all the members of the U.S. Congress and even the President of the United States were on stage during this period, how many Chinese sponsors the Rockets had withdrawn, the public opinion and anger of China and the United States, and the dilemma that all the NBA people had fallen into because of him?


So what did he do these days when his play disappeared?

He still seems to be working as general manager. The Rockets cut Bennett and continued to play in Japan. Only Xiao Hua appeared in Shanghai airport, and he came to China overnight to ease the situation. In Japan, only innocent employees such as dantoni, harden and Weiss were pushed to the front desk to receive media fire.

Nobody knows now whether Moreys state is bewildered or watching it change in the dark.

* * * * *

In fact, as early as October 5, Rocket owner Fertita tried to cut the team and Morey, saying that the Rockets are not political organizations, Moreys comments can not represent the team. But his soothing did not have much effect. Morey touched the core of the contradiction, which was too essential, and poked it in a place where both sides were insensitive.

Fertita Twitter

But I dont know if Fertita is really silly or pretending to be silly. Under the skin of Moreys technology house, there is actually an active participant in political activities.

But we dont need to dig graves for a long time to find out. Just before Murray tweeted in Hong Kong, he forwarded a tweet criticizing trump from Mitt Romney, the US Republican presidential candidate in 2012.

Mitt Romney

The issue is related to a hot spot in American politics: Trump faces the risk of impeachment for talking to the President of Ukraine. Under the pressure of public opinion, Trump asked all countries in the world to investigate the corruption of the Biden family, including China, the Democratic presidential candidate.

Romney criticized: Trump made the only American citizen to be investigated by China happen to be his political enemy, and the incident itself only shows his own political motivation.

Morley forwarded the tweet.

Most Chinese fans certainly dont know that Moreys support for Romney has long been controversial in the NBA.

During the 2011-2012 U.S. election, NBA naturally turned to Obama (Jordan, Anthony, Carter, magician, Paul, LeBron all participated in Obamas political fundraising meeting), but Morey made four contributions to the Romney camp, with a total amount of 9500 dollars.

In fact, as early as 2007, Morey was supporting Romney, when he was a first-time politician, and the total of five donations was only $1,250.

In the NBA, Morey can be said to be against the trend, after all, Obama is the idol of countless players. When asked why he supported Romney, Morey gave a very personal explanation.

Morey said he did not care what Romneys political position was, and that Romney had many policies that he strongly opposed.

So why support?

I think Americans are paying too much attention to candidatespolicies when making political decisions. I think to elect a president is to elect an able person to come out? We should choose the most competent leaders.

Yes, Morley brought out his own set of sports data analysis. He said he supported Romney because of his experience and higher leadership efficiency.

In the 2016 election, Morey did not give any more money to any candidate.

It is undeniable that Trumps election to the presidency in 2016 pushed the bipartisan struggle to a new height.

Moreys home state, Wisconsin, is one of the key swing states that favored Trump in the 2016 election, and Texas, where he worked for more than a decade, is a red-hot delegate. Moreys support for the Republican Party was natural.

But his Twitter has brought many members of both parties together, such as Democratic candidates Yang Anze and Elizabeth Warren, who want to please voters, as well as Republicans Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz.

Yang Anze is a keen NBA fan. He supports the Knicks most. But after announcing that he is running for president on behalf of the Democratic Party, his math-based attitude has conquered more and more voters, not necessarily Morey.

Yang an SE

Just last month, Yang Anze came to Houston to participate in the presidential primary debate, a national event. Before the debate began, he posted a video on Twitter about playing basketball and decompressing it, calling himself warming up in Houston. Morey forwarded his Twitter and said, According to your plan, can we average one more jump shot per month?

Morey points to Yang Anzes most controversial and popular policy: when automation of American factories leads to unemployment, he is willing to pay a monthly average of $1,000 in benefits to the American people during his presidency. These subsidies will come from the tax he imposed on automation companies.

Years ago, Morey said his political views were wrong to people. It would not be surprising if he thought Yang Anze could become a new confidant by putting numbers and probabilities on his lips every day.

As for Cruz, hes a politician who has been working hard for many years, and its impossible not to comment on such a big political incident caused by rockets. So he tweeted that he had been a rocket fan all his life, proud of Moreys behavior and ashamed of the NBAs resignation.


Even Trump was reluctant to comment, Cruz had to use the topic to further win over the red-necked voters in Shenhongzhou, who were deeply prejudiced against China.

Cruz did not respond.

And McConnell, a supporter of the American Gun Association who was nearly spewed out on social networks in the wake of the serial shooting tragedy, called for the anti-gun angry liberals to take him basically as the culprit of the tragedy. Now, of course, he wants to divert his attention through another contradiction.

With the impending election in the United States and the increasingly sharp contradictions between parties and the hidden reefs of the economy, Morey provided these motivated politicians with a perfect stage during the National Day of China, making them crazy with rhythm, seizing the self-righteous moral commanding heights, criticizing the weakness of the transnational giants such as NBA, ESPN and even Disney.

* * * * *

I wonder if it is coincidental that the latest issue of the NPR financial program The Indicator is about the new relationship between the United States and the global economy. Economic experts have pointed out that the United States can no longer think that it can throw stones at the head of other countries at will, because killing one thousand enemies is bound to hurt itself 800, which is the current situation of the global economy.

But Moreys stone has been thrown out.

The NBA is undoubtedly the most tragic victim. More than 400 players, thousands of coaches and trainers, and more management staff represent the same values, which should have been diverse.

They have different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, different races, different religious beliefs, different genders and different political philosophies. But now, Morey is pushing a wave of politically correct statements.

However, under pressure from politicians, the NBA still has no voice in support of Morey Twitters content. Cai Chongxin explained to the American public that the anger of the Chinese people originated from a century of history of aggression and humiliation (which resulted in being scolded). Cole said he was asking for knowledge from Chinese history (which Trump satirized as a scary little boy, even though Trump himself refused to make a statement). Harden once said that he felt very sorry for Chinese fans (and was almost called treason).

Morey, as a stone, has hurt the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese fans, Yao Ming, who has always regarded him as a partner, as well as the shareholders of the NBA and the Rockets own players.

Only those visitors with the same motive of fighting against different parties will climax because of this stone.

I dont agree with what you said, but I support your right to express, is the NBAs last tolerance for him. But people who borrow the rhythm of Moreys events will never change their position.

Stephen A-Smith criticized Morey sharply in the ESPN banner, believing that Morey should not interfere so lightly in foreign issues, just as we would never listen to people outside the Jewish community in the United States and comment on the Israeli-Palestinian issue at will.

Ironically, when Lao A uttered the word Israel-Palestine Problem, ESPN cut off the program and entered the advertisement. So the so-called freedom of speech is a joke they make with the Chinese people?

So the question is, what does Morey really want to do with this stone?

From his political participation over the past decade, we can see that he is by no means a person who does not pay attention to politics and does not understand it. He is good at calculating. Dont he know how serious the consequences of this sensitive Twitter which interferes with foreign issues will be?

Is he trying to destroy the NBA, which has been advocating radical freedom for the Democratic Party in the United States? Or would you like to create an explosive topic before the election that touches on the founding of the United States (freedom of speech, like gun freedom, is always a sensitive issue in the amendment to the Constitution)? Or pave the way for one days political career?

Maybe Morey will remain silent until the NBA finds a solution. But the so-called horsepower of Lu Yaoyao and Moreys horsefoot will come out sooner or later. Source: Netease Sports Author: Kewell Responsible Editor: Huang Yu_NS1604

Maybe before the NBA finds a solution, Morey will keep silent. But the so-called horses feet of Murray will show up sooner or later.