38 Boeing 737NG passenger planes have cracks and will be grounded until repair is completed.

 38 Boeing 737NG passenger planes have cracks and will be grounded until repair is completed.

Comprehensive report by Pengchao journalist Yao Xiaolan

Boeing, an American aircraft manufacturer, is not alone.

On October 10, local time, Reuters reported that airlines worldwide had inspected 810 Boeing 737NG aircraft and found that 38 aircraft had structural cracks and needed to be repaired and replaced. This also means that the probability of the problem is about 5%.

The above structural cracks are located at the connecting part of the airplane fuselage and wing structure, and are also the main load-bearing components between the airplane fuselage and the wing.

Boeing and airlines said the 38 aircraft will remain grounded until the problem is fixed.

Over the past year, the negative events of Boeing 737 series aircraft have been entangled. After two crashes of lion airlines in October 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737max in March 2019, resulting in the death of 346 people, aviation authorities of many countries and regions around the world ordered the aircraft to be grounded. At present, it is believed that the two crashes are related to the MCAS software of the Maneuverability Enhancement System installed by Boeing on 737MAX.

Boeing 737NG series airliner is the third generation of 737 series, launched in 1997, including Boeing 737-600, 737-700, 737-800, 737-900 and so on.

On October 9, local time, after the Federal Aviation Administration issued an emergency inspection order, Southwest Airlines and Gore Airlines of Brazil grounded at least 13 Boeing 737NG aircraft. Last week, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) told U.S. aircraft operators to check for structural cracks in 165 Boeing 737NG aircraft.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on the evening of October 10, local time, Boeing has developed guidelines for repairing or replacing affected parts for its customers, so a small number of 737NG aircraft in the United States have been shut down.

The Federal Aviation Administration added that it was working with Boeing and other international aviation safety regulators to better understand the causes of the cracks.

Southwest spokesman brandy king said two of the companys 200 high utilization 737NG aircraft were found to have cracks and had been grounded. She said the airline planned to update next week. We dont have a timetable for when these problematic planes will return. We are working with Boeing to complete the maintenance work.

American Airlines and United Airlines said earlier this week that no cracks were found on the plane.

On October 10, local time, Boeings shares fell 1% to close at $371.

Savanthi Syth, an analyst at Raymond James, a Wall Street investment bank, wrote in a study October 10 that cracked aircraft may need to leave the fleet for up to 60 days of maintenance.

In September this year, the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that it had received a notification from Boeing that a modified aircraft had cracks, and subsequently found that a small number of other aircraft had similar cracks. The Federal Aviation Safety Administration (FASA) said the problem could negatively affect the structural integrity of aircraft and cause the aircraft to lose control. Operators will be required to inspect structural cracks in the fuselage of some Boeing 737NG passenger aircraft and to repair them as needed after a small number of fuselage cracks have been found.

According to Reuters at the time, the Federal Aviation Administration said that Boeing found cracks when refitting frequently used aircraft, and reported them to follow-up inspection, similar cracks were found in a small number of other aircraft.

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