Chen Qingling: Lan Zhan cant lie, and Wei Ying will deliberately poke him?

 Chen Qingling: Lan Zhan cant lie, and Wei Ying will deliberately poke him?


If Lan Zhan really hated Wei Ying, he would not be happy to accompany him. Hoe together to support the weak, together worthy of conscience. Just back to the unknown place of Yunshen, lanzhan moves all the music of the library. Even in the face of his harsh uncle, Lan Zhan insisted on going to the lockup again and again. What else can we do in the cell? It contains precious music that is not allowed to be read at ordinary times. In front of Mr. Zewujun and Mr. Lan, Lan Zhan does not need to lie at all.

Even so, Lan Zhan stole away. Just to run to Yiling and see what Wei Ying is like. Funny thing is, in the street, Ayuan was holding his thighs. The boy is so talented that he takes a glance at the most handsome boy in the street. Moreover, even Wei Ying is jealous of milk is mother, wealth is father. Wei Ying came out laughing and told Lan Zhan: A Yuan, he was born. Lan Zhan was shocked and talked nonsense.

After that, the family of three rarely sat together for dinner. Since it is so rare, Wei Ying hurried to bully Lan Zhan: Hey, why are you coming to Yiling? Im familiar with this place. Do you want me to take you? Knowingly asked, Yun Shen did not know where to say that it was not far from Yiling, or close to it. Even though there is no possibility of passing by, do you really believe Wei Ying, as Lan Zhan said, passing by? Dont believe it, ask?

Sure enough, Lan Zhan took a look at Wei Ying. Some want to stop talking, or silently bow their heads. Anyway, is there any difference between saying and not saying? Wei Ying, with a clear heart, said meaningfully, Blue Zhan, you really cant lie at all? All right, all right. Give Han Guangjun some face, dont pick and pull so clean, so thorough, okay? Blue Zhan pretends to drink tea calmly, and his heart is very flustered.

Wei Ying, will puncture to the end! Semi-jokingly continued to tease: Youre not for me, are you? You say, who else can come for? Blue Zhan still pours, carries and drinks water silently. In short, Lan Zhan did not look at Wei Ying. He was afraid, Wei Ying would continue to say something. What about telling his secret? In front of Ayuan, Han Guangjun still needs to keep the last cold reserve.

Lan Zhan has never been to Yiling. He just wants to know if Wei Ying is doing well in the mass grave. Only knowing his current situation can Lan Zhan feel a little relieved. And Wei Ying, did he have a hard time? Every day I try to wake Wenning up and eat either radish or potatoes. No Lam Zhan invited him to drink, no Lam Zhan invited him to eat. But Wei Ying desalinated all the hardships and let Lan Zhan see that he was actually good - conscientious.

Zewujun often pokes blue Zhan, because he knows it well. Wei Ying also knows Lan Zhan. This is another kind of soul with a strong heart...