When the founder of dangdang.com is forced by his wife: what kind of man is the nightmare of all women?

 When the founder of dangdang.com is forced by his wife: what kind of man is the nightmare of all women?

Its funny that my son came back for Christmas the night before and we all watched TV in bed. Seeing the Eight Kings forcing the Palace in Yongzheng Dynasty, I found it interesting and enjoyed talking about it. My son looked at his cell phone, and Yu Yu tossed and turned there. I said, why are you so abnormal? I said youd be quiet while I watch TV. She knows that tomorrow I will receive a forced letter from her deputy general and elite committee.

On October 10, when Li Guoqing, the co-founder of the Internet, visited The Dreamer of Attack in an interview, he recalled the details of being forced into the palace by his wife Yu Yu Yu Yu at the beginning of 2018.

When the host asked, Would you blame her? Li Guoqing bluntly said, Of course I cant forgive her, because she is my wife. Are there any ways you can do it? Why is that?

Subsequently, Li Guoqing picked up the cup on the table and threw it hard on the ground. The glass broke into pieces in an instant.

Back in 1995, Li Guoqing went to the United States in search of development opportunities and met Yu Yu who worked on Wall Street. A few months later, two people flash marriage.

In Li Guoqings eyes, When I was in the past 20 years, the smoke filled with smoke, I always said what, because the war was very cruel. I fought with Taobao in the first five years, with Amazon in the second five years, with Jingdong in the third five years, Yuyu Ganbai in the downwind, she was CFO, and I was the commander-in-chief.

However, when there is no need to deal with the war, Yu Yu is willing to play a more important role.

However, there are many differences between the two people in Dangdang business.

In Li Guoqings opinion, between husband and wife, he has always been more modest. He thought he had brought his wife back from Wall Street and deserved her.

So in 2014, at the time of the greatest disagreement, Li Guoqing initiated innovation, and Zen gave way to being president. However, the quiet change of power has not eliminated the contradiction between two people.

So, just in the beginning of 2018, Li Guoqing was expelled by his wife, Yu Yu Yu, co-founder of Dangdang.com. Angry, puzzled and frustrated Li Guoqing couldnt figure it out: Why did she use this conspiracy and trick?

Shes my wife --- One sentence reveals Li Guoqings three thoughts

In the interview, before Li Guoqings emotional outbreak, when asked if he would forgive Yu Yu, he said word by word, No forgiveness, because she is my wife.

From this sentence, we can see a lot of logic in Li Guoqings heart.

First, you are my wife, a woman. So, how can you manipulate mens power?

Li Guoqing has always had a strong male chauvinism complex. At the time of Liu Qiangdongs incident, he once tweeted that extramarital sex does not harm his wife.

He also boasted about his words of having sex with women before marriage. In addition, when Yu Minhong made a speech discriminating against women, he also said publicly that Yu Minhong did not have to apologize to women. Therefore, in Li Guoqings mind, women have always been male subordinates, do not need equal treatment, can give in, but do not respect.

Second, you are my wife, how can you not save face for my husband?

In Li Guoqings eyes, his wifes power is that he gives up his wife to his wife. This is his love for his wife. Its a man who takes power as a gift and gives it to his wife. Its a mans senior romance. Nevertheless, the wife must not overstep, rebel against the guests, and betray her husband, putting him in a situation where the whole nation is watching jokes.

Thirdly, you are my wife. We have feelings. How can you be so profitable and forgetful?

In Li Guoqings eyes, between husband and wife, emotional weight should be above career and interests. Even if you lose money, you cant hurt your feelings. However, whether for career or for profit, the wife ultimately chooses to hurt the feelings between the two people. This is unacceptable to Li Guoqing.

When women become ruthless roles, arrogant men are caught off guard.

The drama between Li Guoqing and Yu Yu looks more like Li Guoqings monologue. Li Guoqing has repeatedly disclosed the process of being kicked out. However, Yu Yu has never responded, expressed any sadness or dropped a cup.

On the contrary, Li Guoqing has been publicizing these things between husband and wife in the hope of fairness.

This gives us some wrong feeling. In the past, all men were cruel and failed women, and then women came to complain.

Now, its all the opposite.

Yu Yu Yu is more like a hero in the power struggle of Dangdang. In the past, men played a ruthless role. From a distance, its hard to evaluate with a moral eye.

You dont know, these people are really mercenary, ruthless and unjust? Or endure humiliation, suffer hearts, suffer misunderstandings, and play a bigger chess next game?

Li Guoqing, as he said, has become a silly white sweet. He was born in an era of Internet with a lot of heroes. However, he often shows a somewhat bookish mind.

In the process of development, he does not blindly pursue capital, but sticks to what he wants to do. Therefore, some people in the circle say that he is foolish and has no pattern. Others say that he is pure.

Judging from the fact that he could be kicked out by Yu Yu Yu, he did not have so many bad-minded people, especially his wife.

Of course, you can also explain that this is his arrogance and stupidity in front of women.

In short, a silly white sweet Li Guoqing meets a Yu Yu who thinks like Yanxiong, and deduces such a hilarious story.

Womens awakening begins with breaking away from gender restrictions

It is an indisputable fact that there are more and more women like Yu Yu Yu. They have already said goodbye to the limitation of the female character traits of womens benevolence. But this kind of restriction, perhaps should not have existed in the first place, only has been said by the people many, the feminine only then carries on.

They like to start a business, like tossing, like to rush to the front, embrace this great era. At the same time, in order to adapt to this era, they have also turned themselves into hard roles.

When these women appear on the changeable stage, many men have not responded, just to see the lively way, lamenting the different figures of these women.

However, it is only when the Pillowman around him becomes such a woman that he realizes the impact of this trend on marriage:

You can no longer expect them to obey the familys arrangements, let the husband teach the son to the husband, let the full-time wife to the full-time wife. They have their own world to fight for. You can no longer expect them to be willing to become male appendages. What they have to do is to let their own figures go to the spotlight and write their names on the volume of history. You can no longer meet a female rival, but also think about whether to carry forward the ladys first demeanor, let the other side three tricks. Because they may kill you in one move.

So, when womens ambitions get rid of gender restrictions, the only thing men can do is to adapt to it and get used to it.

In the program, Li Guoqing repeatedly mentioned his new project. Only he knows whether the cup-throwing event is a show or an emotional one.

But there is no doubt that Li Guoqing, only out of the limitations of gender awareness, gender prejudice, can adapt to this era of womens rising.