The most terrible marriage is not to love each other well, but to resent each other for a lifetime.

 The most terrible marriage is not to love each other well, but to resent each other for a lifetime.

The most painful marriages are actually those without love and feelings, but still entangled, never choose to separate, each other or hypocritical relative, or resentment life.

Marriage is based on emotions. Once emotions are gone, the marriage will lose its content. Even if it can keep a form, it will probably not be able to give comfort to its own feelings and love. However, in the final analysis, marriage is actually a system. Marriage is due to feelings. Divorce is not only about facing and dealing with emotional problems, at this time, we will probably understand the truth that marriage is easier than divorce.

Because marriage is only a form, divorce for various reasons is justifiable, but you have to learn to live as well as you can in marriage, even if two people go their own way, it is also justifiable.

However, in reality, those marriages that have experienced setbacks, had contradictions, and their feelings have completely broken down, if they do not have the possibility to live well, and are unwilling to face marriage, some couples really become enemies. Every day, they are conflicting conflicts. They torture each other all the time and never stop. Such marriages are in fact the most painful, because, in the simplest sense, they are typical. I cant lift it, and I cant put it down.

Once there was a couple who betrayed their husband. When the wife found out, she forced him to kneel down to confess his mistake in an extreme way, wrote a guarantee letter, asked him to report his whereabouts every day, looked at his mobile phone every day, and kicked him when he was in a bad mood.

As a result, almost a year later, my wife found that my husband was still in contact with a third party. This time, my wifes mood escalated and she almost didnt send my husband away.

For such couples, there is only one suggestion: live well if you can, and leave well if you cant.