Is this scenic spot lacking in mind?

 Is this scenic spot lacking in mind?

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There are people everywhere. When there are many people in some scenic spots, the flow is restricted in an emergency. Even if it is hard to move, the tourists cant stop the pace of travel.

However, when there are more people, all kinds of confusion will happen.

In Changsha, there is an online Red Lobster restaurant. During the holidays, the number of customers increased sharply, and the number of queues was more than 20,000. The restaurant even kindly told customers that they could line up while visiting Changsha.

Faced with the temptation of such intimate merchants and card photography, customers are not saying a word, just a word wait, some people even wait three days did not eat, did not give up.

In order to have a meal and have this patience, I really admire people who cant wait for five minutes.

This kind of confusion in the restaurant continues to the scenic spot.

Moreover, compared with the scenic spot, the restaurant is nothing. When you are in line for dinner, you can go to other places to have a look. When you enter the scenic spot, you are in a dilemma.

In Xian, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a must-see attraction for tourists. During the long vacation, the fireworks show every night attracts many people.

In the evening, when fireworks are set off, tourists automatically grab a good place to gather together, and they are not afraid to grab a good place. After all, some people can act as human flesh tripod.

In the crowd, two young men carried their companions on their shoulders to take pictures. One of the young men carrying his sister was so tired that he could cut out the expression pack in minutes.

Fortunately, in the end, the girl took a good-looking picture, which was not a waste of the young mans effort to show his teeth.

But it was my uncle who was a little distressed. Without looking at the fireworks, a tall figure was blocked in front of me.

In fact, its quite normal to be blocked when you go to a scenic spot.

Wugong Mountain in Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province, was completely occupied by tourists during the Eleventh Period. From the mountain road to the top of the mountain, it is full of people. Usually it takes only 10 minutes to go up the mountain by ropeway. Now, there is a queue of 3 or 4 hours.

Many people are facing the sunrise here. As a result, they can not see the sunrise, but they can see a lot overhead.

However, there are advantages of more people, such as more people and more strength.

There is a fountain in the walking street of the city of Datang in Xian. What the fountain didnt expect is that in these days of vacation, I can see the noisiest group of tourists.

Whether its men or women, old or young, tourists passing by the fountain will stop and shout at the fountain, screaming one after another.

The security guards around said, This is an ordinary fountain. It sprays without shouting.

Fountain: For the first time I know, I still have voice control.

Whats more, the strength of people is not only reflected in the lack of brain, but also in the fact that people can turn places that are not scenic spots into scenic spots.

In Zhengzhou, IKEAs traffic soared during the 11th, and many people came to take photos and punch cards.

After IKEA became a scenic spot, the shopping guide was too busy, and the shopping mall was deliberately extended for an hour.

Tourists eat, drink and take pictures with dolls in IKEA. When tired, they sit on the sofa, lie down on the bed, blow the air conditioner, and cover a quilt when its cold.

In the words of tourists, its better to eat, drink, play and lie down than the scenic spot.

The leisurely and natural tone makes people forget that this is a shopping mall.

In addition to the bewilderment of tourists, some scenic spots themselves are also bewildered.

There is a 4A scenic spot called Yuanmingyuan New Park in Zhuhai, which replicates 18 sceneries of Yuanmingyuan at 1:1.

The scenic spot does not rely on tickets to make money, but on the shops inside. It is said that the shops at first glance look like scenic spots, and their names are also fantastic.

South China Sea Dragon Palace is a letter seller, Pinghu Autumn Moon is a scarf seller, Yuanmingshui Village is a fruit seller.

If you score the degree of commercialization of a scenic spot, it will definitely score 90 points, which will make you willing to spend money in the name of free.

Only the strange slope scenic spot in Shenyang can match the level of confusion in Yuanming New Park.

Weipo is also a 4A scenic spot, and its origin is also very storytelling. In 1990, two traffic policemen drove a jeep to this spot and suddenly extinguished. After extinguishing, the car taxied up the hill.

Weipo has attracted many customers with such unsolved riddles. In order to cooperate with Weipo, the scenic spot has also developed two other unsolved riddles, Xiangshan and Buzzing Top, which are combined to form three weirdos.

However, because it was suppressed by a tower that had been shut down for more than 10 years, Xiangshan and Buzzing Peak no longer existed.

Whenever someone rushes to the sounding hill and hums, the grandfather in the scenic area actively lets the tourists report the scenic area to mislead the tourists.

Although these two oddities are gone, there are also tunnels, mazes, terracotta warriors and childrens paradise in the scenic spot.

The tunnel battle site is more like a maze than a maze. You can tear the ghost murals while walking. The terra cotta warriors come out of the tunnel battle site. They are buried in the soil, some of their heads fall off.

The history of the Anti-Japanese War is connected with the ancient history, the ancient history is connected with the paradise of modern children, and there is also a security master who wishes tourists to report to him.

True and divine scenic spot.

In short, no matter what vacation, as long as it is a tour, confusion is indispensable, and confused people are indispensable.

Of course, the most confusing thing is, why did the vacation go so fast!!!

However, after reading these news, Im glad that I didnt go to the scenic spot for fun on November 11. Its interesting to laugh at the crowds of people in the circle of friends and microblogs.