Save Marriage My Marriage Who Makes the Decision

 Save Marriage My Marriage Who Makes the Decision

In marriage, only when both men and women are trained by each other, and both husband and wife bear the responsibility of marriage, can the family be happy in marriage. Only in this way can women face life with cheerfulness and self-confidence; men will be free and unrestrained, and the mood will be cheerful to meet the storm; and families will become forever charming scenery and a harbor of rest.

Save your marriage by taking the necessary action to change yourself. Facing marital crisis, one party should not always think that he is too wronged and that he has suffered more injuries than the other party. In fact, the other party is not a victim, even if the other party committed derailment and other principled issues, you also have an irrevocable responsibility, a good reflection on yourself, you do really good enough? For both husband and wife, it is worthwhile to bear these minor grievances and tolerate some minor mistakes.

Remember that only by taking the initiative to change yourself can you change the fate of your marriage. To change yourself, you can start with character. Of course, this is not a matter of a day or two. You have to insist on it. Then you have to change your image and circle of friends, improve your inner beauty, improve your temperament and personality, and be more tolerant and understanding of your husband (wife). I believe that it will be easy to recover.

Getting parents involved in the process of saving a marriage will only make things worse and worse. Marriage is a matter of two families, but divorce is really a matter of two people. When the marital crisis comes, a considerable number of people take the way of constantly seeking help from their parents and relatives. As a result, they are constantly cutting off, getting confused and getting worse and worse.

One of them asks parents, relatives and friends to solve many contradictions, such as their husband-wife relationship. The speakers tend to be more biased and tell them over and over again, which parents, relatives and friends can not be partial to the one who tells them?

So relatives and friends will help you fight against each other, which will fuel the conflict. In particular, more and more powerful parents have become the biggest killer of marriage for young couples. So if you want to save your marriage, you can only do it by yourself, by your own efforts and sincerity.

The consequences of the cold war are often emotional weakening and despair on both sides, because no one will ponder the crisis of marriage in this period of time, instead, they will look for suitable next home, once good, decisive divorce.

And some people will take chances during the quarrel, thinking that they and other men (women) approach, the other side will be more concerned about themselves, contradictions will be resolved. The person who thinks so is undoubtedly wrong. Doing so will only make the other party feel more uncomfortable. Maybe the other party will find a reason to divorce you because you have derailed. So dont try without security.

Finally, I want to say that my love is self-sustaining and my marriage is self-governing. If you sincerely want to save it, you must change yourself with action to return to the previous happy life.

Reprint please note that the original text is from the emotion workshop!