My love died in the summer of 2017

 My love died in the summer of 2017

Meeting the wrong person at the right time


Meeting the right person at the wrong time

What kind of experience is it?

Gossip and stop talking

Go straight to the subject

Story 2 @ Anonymous Fans: He sat behind me in Senior Three. After the college entrance examination, he chased me for a while, but at that time he was still Yan Jun, so he refused him politely. Later, he spent three years with a good friend of mine (to the point of marriage), and then broke up for some reason. I also had a boyfriend. Later, I met again, and now Ive been together for more than a year. Ive also met my parents. I once told him what would happen if we were together again, and he said that we might break up in a few months. I only know that if you can, you wont be able to run away. (Probably out of question.) Uncle press: Look, its the order of appearances again.

Story 3 @ Anonymous Fans: Uncle, this is the first time I left a message, asking for anonymity. He is my high school English teacher. At that time, my grades were medium. Because of the teachers help, I suddenly had more contact with him than other students, because contact would become more understanding. The teacher was knowledgeable, witty and humorous, which gradually made me unconsciously feel different feelings towards him. I would run to his office to pretend to ask him questions during every English evening study break, and then talk on my knees. He would occasionally take time to send me home. He knew what I was thinking, but one night when he took me home, he said how we could do it. Yes, he is twenty years older than me and has a family. I thought my secret love was just my own business, but I didnt know that he had seen all my feelings. We have a tacit understanding of each other until the end of my college entrance examination. Then theres no more. For the first time, I wanted to be with a man impulsively, but twenty years ago, we had no courage, and I could never do anything against ethics and morality. Uncle Press: Meeting the wrong person at the right time = Meeting the English teacher at the beginning of love

Story [email protected]**: Just ended a period of ambiguity. Im 31 years old. Ive been in love three times before, but I didnt come to the end for various reasons. As we grow older, we gradually find many problems of our own, and we want to try to overcome the weaknesses of these individuals. Until I met him, I knew it from the beginning, and tried to avoid the problems before when I treated him, feeling that I had done my best. But from the beginning to the end, he always felt that he did not like me. Although the relationship between the two people seemed to be getting closer and closer, the fear that they would lose at any time would follow everyday. In my imagination, I presupposed one of his personal settings, and I dared not tell him my inner feelings, because I thought he would not like it. In this way, we have been together for several months. It seems that the two sides have held up a lot of unhappiness. They have never really sat down to communicate seriously. He is proud, and I am proud. Finally, in these days, the ambiguity ended, and the two people have a very tacit understanding of who is not in contact with whom, silently disappeared. Uncles Note: Wen Jun, consciously or unconsciously, has no words at all.

Story 5 @ Anonymous Fan: I met him when my marriage was about to break up. We really have the feeling of hating seeing each other late, and we keep in touch. At that time, I thought I would definitely divorce, but finally my husband sincerely retained, vowed to change the past, after all, five years of husband and wife, I still want to give each other a chance. Reason made me choose my original life. And emotionally, I really hate him. Maybe its very contradictory for others. How can there be such feelings? But thats the truth. For the marriage now, my husband is really slowly changing. We chose each other because we loved each other. Although my husband hurt me, I think we should make great efforts to manage this marriage. And he, although we no longer contact, will still receive his warm greetings at the festival. Only I know that we are all holding back our yearning. I will not contact him on my own initiative, nor will he disturb my life. Uncles Note: In order to return to the family for the sake of responsibility (for the sake of friendship), most people will choose this way. We cant say its not good. But individuals prefer people who choose love, even though they may be displaced.

Story 6 @** Y: The right time to meet the wrong person, the stereotypical campus secret love story, I am an ugly duckling, he is an excellent prince, love is really unreasonable ah, at that time, I was very self-abased, I even had the courage to confess to him, no accident was rejected. He was a very gentle person, who could feel the wariness of his refusal to hurt me, even though the whole class knew that I liked him and he helped me out when he laughed at me. More than a decade later, we have lost contact, but he has been affecting my life, because he and I have become better and better. Knowing that he was wrong, and knowing that it was my wishful thinking from beginning to end, I still appreciate the short encounter and miss the one who loved the world. My love is also love, but it died in the summer of 2007. Uncle Press: We all want to meet the right people and better people, but in fact, we often fall into the trap of meeting the familiar people. People are used to looking for and thinking about the people around them who are familiar with them.

Story 7 @ Super Thick Code: I met EX when I was sick and in hospital. When God closed a door, I opened a window. EX laughs well and has light in his eyes. Every day when he goes to the hospital to register for hanging up drips, he feels that the silk light in his life is given by him, but how can I spare such a good person being delayed by me? Uncle Press: Ah.... So, let him go? Is your little friend OK?

Story 9 @ Anonymous fans: We met two times, each time at the wrong time, the first time we looked back, the second time we met. Maybe there shouldnt be a second time. Sometimes its not emotional complexity. Its human heart that is too complex. Its selfish to want anything. But how can there be so many perfect things in the world? He deceived me, deceived herself, and was caught in the middle. That she is very poor, but also happy, after all, do not know anything. Uncle Press: Gee, there are stories.~

Story [email protected]***: The right time to encounter the wrong person, graduate students returned home to enter the system, suitable for marriage, to find a graduate student in the same system! Everyone thinks its appropriate to get married, have the same education, work, age and husband-wife relationship. Otherwise, the other party is a person with personality at the stage of acquisition, who loves himself more, is cold and violent, has no boundaries, does not respect, and feels too good about himself. Pull back and forth for more than half a year, too tired, let go of themselves, give him the so-called freedom, their own good! I hope I can find someone who understands my gentleness and kindness and spend the rest of my life hand in hand. Uncle Press: Generally speaking, its easy to be forced by parents. Sometimes parents are a terrible existence.

Story 11 @ anonymous fan: tyw also has another name, NY, and her love has been developing wonderfully. Without any one to express their love to each other, they are simply together. Of course, this is what I think is pure. She is either to get out of the last haze. Know her, I just pay attention to my uncle, I just know what kind of Sagittarius girl is, of course, since talking about this here proves that I and her time is wrong, people are also wrong. The experience is simple: anything you do is not as good as a sentence from the right person, a look back. Underneath the mask of self-contempt, there is often a sense of loneliness and helplessness. Everyone will think that the other is wrong when the other is not enough to achieve their inner desires, but some people will think that no one is perfect, which makes love for you and give it to her for the rest of her life.

Story 12 @** a: Sister-brother love + foreign love, just two labels sound very difficult. From the beginning to the end of the half year, the same time and space under the coexistence of no more than two months. It is true that many, many occasional feelings have been promoted, and they have had frank doubts and hesitations, but they finally plunged into them bravely and completely. Not long ago, I officially mentioned the separation. It was a balance made when I finally had some reason after a month in a foreign country. I used to think that balance in love seems too harsh, but this trade-off is not really a comparison of love and interests, but a comparison of love from myself and love other than me for him. In the relationship called children, I am about to run with him at different stages of my life. Gradually, he felt that the love he had given had become more of a fetter and responsibility. For him of this age, for him who thinks he has the whole world, it is not necessarily the first choice at present. I discussed the right and wrong of time and people very early, but I still dont think I met the right person at the wrong time or the wrong person at the right time. It sounds like self-deception, but what I like right now is the real one, the one in that particular time and space. Just like the ego can have three parts: the past, the present and the future, I think love and liking can also be divided into several parts. More than half a years experience is that when I begin to consciously ignore the right and wrong judgment of this relationship, I can completely reproduce a large section of happiness and warmth, which are brought about by a very specific he. I have no doubt that there will still be groups of happiness in my life in the future, but this period of happiness will still be sharp and distinct. The end of this relationship brought a lot of sadness, let me suddenly realize that half a year later I became more temperate. I realized that giving love would not make me tired, but would bring me more support and peace of mind. I still hope hes good and wish us all the right love. Uncle Press: Thank you! There is no right or wrong, only appropriate or inappropriate. But maybe you will come across a love that you cant let go, at that time you may not be so relieved and free and easy~

People who cant accompany you to the end are wrong people.

But the person who can accompany you to the end is not necessarily the right person.

Because to accompany you to the end and love you to the end

I dont love you for a long time, but its useless.


Thank you, uncle.

Be honest in your feelings