Chen Farong: Love has some cleanliness and is not eager to compromise.

 Chen Farong: Love has some cleanliness and is not eager to compromise.

This is a true portrait of her. Especially looking at her pictures with Cai Shaofeng, Hong Xin and Zhu Yin - herself is a good person.


Cai Shaofen married Zhang Jin, a Mainland schoolboy trying to become a better actor. Hong Xin and Zhang Danfeng, what do you say? Love is easy, but marriage is not easy. Their choice, and do and cherish. Zhu Yin and Huang Guanzhong are the enviable couples. With these three ladies, will Chen Farong touch the scenery? After all, she was the only one left alone. Many women, really can not survive this loneliness.

Is Chen Farong not good enough? No, No. Beauty contest champion origin, to have a face value. He has participated in many plays, and more or less has the recognized acting skills. Its just that every relationship youve had since you went out is sad. For the sake of men, I used to carry the name of junior three. For the sake of a man, she became the one running with her. For men, she doesnt care about each others status. As a result, they were cheated.


If Chen Farong is described as ups and downs in love, I believe no one will raise objections. Why is that? Its estimated that the real son of God who belongs to her hasnt appeared yet. How many women are waiting day after day, year after year. Or get married in a hurry. After all, age cant be delayed. Or do you die alone? Then, cant help complaining in the clear moon and breeze?


How many people say they cant make a compromise if they dont start carelessly? People often think that we must compromise, only in this way can we bypass all problems. Direct, to the palace of marriage. Do you need principles in front of love? I think this can not be abandoned. The compromise is equivalent to not having ones own opinion, but just retreating to the end. Result? The world of love collapses, you are totally unprepared.

Chen Farong was so calm and calm that he wrote it on his face. (Wen/Piaoyutong) Anyway, its too urgent to come, dont you say?