Amusement Network Competes for the Golden Ling Award Players Favorite Excellent Game Media in 2019

 Amusement Network Competes for the Golden Ling Award Players Favorite Excellent Game Media in 2019

Wuhan Dingzhi Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise devoted to the design, research and development, operation and promotion of mobile Internet application products. At present, it is a mobile Internet game company mainly composed of Android and iOS handheld distribution and intermodal transportation at home and abroad. The company has independently developed and operated such game entertainment platforms as Snatch Game, Zero Game, 9113 Game and Amusement Network. We have been committed to using the mobile Internet to change the world, provide Chinese players with a wide range of wonderful cultural entertainment services, and actively promote the global pan-entertainment layout!

Our goal is through our tireless efforts to provide players with the most extreme, professional and convenient services, through several game entertainment platforms to pass the best game experience to users, so that they can enjoy the unlimited pleasure of entertainment.

Amusement network is a new starting point of Dizhi under the pan-entertainment strategy. It is a comprehensive authoritative media station with mobile game content as the main content. It has news center, game center, special area, special album and other columns. Through the production of original IP, social system (bullet curtain, discussion area), online and offline activities, etc., for the players to create a new content media station.

Founded in 2005, Jinling award is the most valuable selection activity among many game selections in China. In the past 13 years, it has conducted in-depth research on product information, respected the wishes of players, conducted fair and fair selection, and selected a large number of excellent games loved by players. It has become a weathervane for domestic players to understand the hierarchical ranking of game products and manufacturers to express product ideas.

In order to fully reflect the voice of the vast majority of gamers, the final winning works and excellent media are still selected by the national players through online voting. We expect players to vote for their favorite excellent products and media. We believe that in the current Jinling Award contest, the amusement network will live up to your expectations! ___________

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