Wang Zhenyu, the closing officer of I am a head teacher, went abroad for further study

 Wang Zhenyu, the closing officer of I am a head teacher, went abroad for further study

Happy Graduation of Class Seven in Three Years

The online drama I am a Head Teacher broadcasted for nearly a month has come to an end today. Under the leadership of Lao Mo, the students of Class 7 in three years have changed a lot. They not only have a strong sense of cohesion and class responsibility, but also become more friendly among the students. These initial problem students have a deeper understanding of themselves after transformation. Baoyan, who had been escorted, came to the cinema again on the occasion of graduation with Pengkai and Xiaofei. Although Pengkai was short-tempered and had not made a movie trip, several people still had a good time sitting down to chat and recall the past of high school. Wang Zhenyu played Peng Kai in the college entrance examination has achieved good results, and he also told Lao Mo frankly that his hard work is also to catch up with Xiaofeis pace, hoping to go to the same university with her. But I am also struggling whether I want to go abroad for further study or continue to study at home with my good friend Baoyan and Xiaofei. After the guidance of Lao Mo and Guan, he finally made a decision to go abroad for further study. He hoped that he would become a better self when he came back and stand in front of Xiao Fei with a new look. In this way, the story of Class 7 in three years draws a perfect end. Everyone sighed with emotion: they had accompanied class 7 for three years and they still didnt understand anything, only the people who would cause trouble to the end, they were moved by them, and they also envied that they met a class teacher like Lao Mo, which was the model of teaching and educating people. Although the story of Class Three and Seven is over, in fact, countless stories of Class Three and Seven are being staged around us. In fact, it is not only a microcosm of the educators around us.

Wang Zhenyus Accreditation of Performing Skills in the Future

As a newcomer, Wang Zhenyus expressive force in Im a Head Teacher has been recognized by the audience and the director. In fact, since the debut of Gardenia Blossom, he has been loved by the audience. Later, he has performed The Game of the Hunting Devil, The Inspector of the Chronicle and Falling in Love with the Beidou Star Boyfriend. Now he is studying in Beijing Film Academy to improve his professional ability and expectation. He can contribute more excellent acting skills and deduce more excellent works for us.

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