Top 10 domestic box office actors: Bai Baihe becomes the only actress

 Top 10 domestic box office actors: Bai Baihe becomes the only actress

Bai Baihes maiden work is Ye Jings Days Related to Youth, which was first televised on the big screen. The movie Thirty-three Days of Lost Love achieved double success at the box office and became the black horse of that years domestic film. It won the Best Actress Award of the 31st Popular Film Hundred Flowers Award, and also nominated the Best Actress of the 49th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award and the 15th China Television. Excellent actresses in the Movie China Awards and the most popular actresses in the audience of the 12th Chinese Film and Media Awards.

In the following years, a series of movies, such as Break-up Contract, Stolen Five Years and so on, have achieved good box office results, and for a time it has become the first chick movie.

In 2013, the film private customization starring Bai Baihe and ge you was released and became the box office champion of the new years box office. In 2015, Bai Baihe starred in the inspirational movie Get out of here! Tumor Jun, the film once represented the mainland in the competition for the best foreign language film of the year. In the film, Bai Baihe captured the fansattention with his touching performance and won the 16th China Film Watch Award for Excellent Actress, the 7th China Film Directors Associations Annual Actress and the 23rd Beijing University Film Festival Best Actress, and won box office slots. Stele double harvest.

Get out of here, Mr. Tumor

The release of The Story of Capturing Demons and The Story of Capturing Demons 2 once again proved Baibaihes box office appeal. The box office of the two films totaled 4.677 billion yuan, while catch the demon is the record of mainland film history box office and mainland audience. And won the domestic box office championship in 2015.

Catch the devil

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