S9 Group Match 12 officially launched posture, let me as a guest tiger teeth two

 S9 Group Match 12 officially launched posture, let me as a guest tiger teeth two

FPX is absolutely the popular Fried Chicken in S9 season. Doinb and Xiaotians invincible midfielder have become the nightmare of all LPL teams. In fact, at the beginning of the season, the lineup formed by these well-known old players is not promising, but it is in this situation that they have won the regular season in spring. Although they are inexperienced in the playoffs and regret to lose the JDG, the momentum in the intercontinental Games makes everyone see their potential. In the summer games, FPX plays more and more mature and the tactical system tends to diversify. In the summer games, they crush all the way from the regular season to the playoffs, and Rick RNG tops the League Championship they dream of.

For FPX, the group competition is absolutely signed up. The three teams in the same group are weak in hard power. It is basically difficult to pose a threat. As long as they play their normal level, it is not difficult for them to get the first promotion. However, for FPX, which lacks competition experience, it will be very important to grasp the valuable opportunity of group matches to hone its tactical rich experience. The S9 season is about to face the ultimate test. Whether Carrys Lwx and Gimgoon can continue and Crisp will bring more black technology will be the hot FPX in the world championship.

On the other hand, deep-seated death teams are not necessarily bad for RNG. After last years eight-strong defeat, they stayed dormant for a whole year. The road that was devastated and questioned collapsed in the spring competition. For a time, they were full of stories. Fortunately, Wolf Line joined us in the summer competition and RNG set sail again after filling the single defect. In this year, karsa has become more and more mature, Uzi and Ming are still the most powerful LPL, the general of the tiger is getting hotter, and the sword devil of wolves is invincible. RNG is again challenging the world champion in its strongest posture. Can Uzi, still at its peak, lead the team to a Grand Slam?

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