Huang Shengyis Dream Space recalls Yang Zis warm heart and praises each other as an action school

 Huang Shengyis Dream Space recalls Yang Zis warm heart and praises each other as an action school

As a result, Yang Mingxin and Wang Yingying did have a date with Gao Tian. Blue Sky, White Cloud, Grassland Picnic, Love Song Singing, Lavender Hydrogen Balloon... As for the elements of young peoples romantic dating, it seems that the audience has returned to the sweet first love time, which makes EQ observer Li Kui shout: Sugar is over the limit, and diabetes is on the way.

Zhang Lingling and Lu Zhengyu, who are also favored by Huang Shengyi, also have a regular sweet date. In addition, Zhang also chose to date Zhuo Yifan, the main reason is to make up for the regret. Because at first Zhang collar paid close attention to Zhuo Yifan, but Zhuo Yifan wavered, Zhang collar put down rationally, so they missed each other.

Huang Shengyi commented on this: Its good to have a date like this. After making up for the regret, they all let go of each other, so its nothing.

In the program dating, the attentive details of the male guests to the female guests also caused the host Shen Mengchen to initiate a big topic of the EQ observer: What heartbreaking things have happened in life?

Huang Shengyi shared his husband Yang Zis warmth: every birthday Yang Zi would carefully help Huang Shengyi to choose gifts, and then he would buy the same one himself, because he wanted to have the same thing in his heart with his wife. This made Shen Mengchen shout so sweet: I found out that he is an action group. He doesnt say it but does it silently. Girls really cant resist this set of things.

After the broadcast, Huang Shengyis Birthday Yang Zi Buys Two Gifts has become a hot topic, which not only warms the observers, but also makes many netizens express their sweetness. Good warm couple, Yang Zi is so considerate and gentle, Shengyis life must be very happy.